9 “Embarrassing” Physical Traits People Are Self-Conscious About That Are Totally Normal

by Meg Kehoe

When you ask people what physical traits they're self-conscious about, most people can list off more than a few in a matter of minutes. Women in particular seem armed with things they're self conscious about when it comes to their bodies. There are plenty of "embarrassing" physical traits people are self-conscious about that are totally normal.

I turned to a few of my nearest and dearest to ask them what sort of things they were self conscious about when it came to their own bodies, and they came up with more than a few answers for me. With each answer they gave, I realized that every single thing they listed was something I'd never paid attention to before. I's never noticed Hilary's supposedly crooked teeth (she sent a picture, otherwise I would've absolutely contested the fact that they're actually crooked), Becca's under eye circles, or Stephanie's alleged asymmetrical face. When you think about your own body, I'm sure there are plenty of physical traits you can come up with that you're embarrassed about. But you know what? It's completely normal. Everyone is self conscious about something. And in asking my friends to share their own "embarrassing" physical traits, I learned that those traits are not only normal, but they are things other people probably haven't notices. And that in itself is comforting, isn't it?

So think you're alone in feeling self-conscious? Read on to find out what traits several real women are "embarrassed" about.


Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a completely normal part of having a growing body. In fact, according to Kids Health, stretch marks can happen during puberty when your body is changing rapidly. And the pesky thing about stretch marks, is they never really go away. Most men and women have experience with stretch marks during their lives, and there's really no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about them. Your skin is a truly amazing piece of biological work, and the fact that it's elastic enough to grow with you throughout your years is an incredible feat. You should be proud of your stretch marks, and love the skin you're in.


"Ugly" Feet

I have a friend who loathes her feet. I mean she really loathes them. She affectionately refers to them as "dragon lady feet," because she suffers from dry, scaly callouses, and no amount of moisturizer seems to help. But guess what? Plenty of people have feet that are less than picaresque. I mean, they're feet. They're literally what you use to carry around your body all day. You put them through kind of a lot. So to expect them to be a shining beacon of beauty? A little unrealistic. Everybody has questionable feet, StyleBlazer even compiled a list of celebrities who have ugly feet, just like you.



Sure, being an outlier on the spectrum of height can present its challenges in life, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Learning to accept your body for what it is, and appreciate the things it lets you do is a surefire way to spend less time worrying about the physical traits you're embarrassed by.


That 5 Or 10 Pounds

It seems like everyone I know is trying to lose some weight, and has been forever. But other people rarely notice the "extra" weight you carry around. There's no shame in hitting the gym, being conscious of what you put into your body, or wanting to be healthy. But fixating on a few pounds to the point of embarrassment or shame? It's just not healthy. Sexuality and relationship coach Pamela Madsen told Huffington Post that making friends with and accepting your body for what it is is essential for your personal wellbeing.


Different Sized Boobs

Rest easy, as no two boobs are created as equals. In fact, the only way you're working with a pair of perfectly symmetrical breasts is if you paid for them to be made that way. Otherwise, your boobs are definitely different. According to Kids Health, it's normal for your breasts to be different sizes. Like everything else that comes in pairs with your body, they're not going to be exactly the same. And chances are that you're really the only person who notices, regardless of how different in size they may be.


Body Hair

Whether it's your pubic hair, your leg hair, your arm hair, or the faint appearance of a mustache, there's no reason to be embarrassed by your body hair. Yes, of course, there are plenty of ways to have it removed and tame it down to practically nothing (or actually nothing.) But according to Mic, the practice of women removing their body hair (and feeling ashamed about it), dates back farther than you can probably imagine, and has a totally sexist history. Shocker. Your body hair, your choice. So take the shame out of it, because everyone has body hair. It's just a fact of life.



Just as your breasts are probably different sizes, it's totally normal for your nipples to vary in size too. Different shapes, sizes, and colors of nipples are completely normal. In fact, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, breast surgeon Dr. Sarah P. Catewith said the only time you should be concerned with your nipples being different from one another is if your nipples have suddenly changed size or shape. In that case, it's time to set embarrassment aside and head to your doctor to get your breasts examined, as it could be a sign that something's wrong.


Thighs That Touch

Your thighs are friends. They're supposed to touch. My thighs have been besties for a number of years, and investing in a pair of Spanx has helped me to keep them from hating each other, even when the weather gets hot and stresses everyone out. Seriously, though. Those pictures you see of thigh gaps? They're unrealistic at best. Love your thighs, let them rub all up on each other, and invest in some baby powder to prevent chafing.