9 Empowering Gifts For Girls, Because You Can't Wrap Up Girl Power


In a sea full of bright pink toys, it can be hard to find gifts for the girl in your life that defy stereotypes. But this holiday season, there are some great options if you’re looking for empowering gifts for girls.

What makes a gift empowering? I think that depends on the person. But mostly, if you avoid cookie cutter gifts and shop for the girl you know — as opposed to just girl — you’ll find something great.

Another thing that makes a gift empowering is that it’s aspirational in some way — it gives the girl receiving it an example of someone who did great things. An empowering gift will help inspire its recipient to reach for the stars and dream big, while giving them a real life example of what is possible when women take action. It’s hard to be what you can’t see, and there are examples of amazing women throughout history, if you know where to look.

Buying girls gifts that don’t fall into lazy or tired tropes is easier said than done, but thankfully there are companies stepping up to give us more options than ever before. A Mighty Girl does a great job at compiling these lists, but hey, so do I.

1Bessie Coleman Doll & Biography

Bessie Coleman was the first Black woman to receive her pilot’s license. This Bessie doll and biography set  ($40) comes with a “pilot’s log” and makes a great gift for any aspiring badass in your life.

2Goldieblox Craft-Struction Box

For girls age six and up, the Goldieblox Craft-Struction Box ($40) combines the best of crafts and construction to allow girls to hone their engineering skills by building whatever kind of structure they can dream up.

3‘Rad American Women From A-Z’ Book

Rad American Women From A-Z ($10) is the perfect way to teach young girls about all the amazing women that came before them — and you might learn something along the way, too.

4‘Rookie Yearbook Four’

Every year, Rookie Magazine puts out a yearbook — a collection of stories, illustrations, photos, artwork, interviews, and poetry written by teens for teens. This year’s is Rookie Yearbook Four ($30), and it’s perfect for the girl who is just on the cusp of her teenage years.

5‘More Than Just A Princess’ Hoodie

Goldieblox makes the “More Than Just A Princess” hoodie ($30), onesie, and shirt. It’s the ideal gift for the girl who is unafraid to make a statement.

6Doc McStuffins Operation

For the aspiring doctor in your life, Doc McStuffin’s Operation game ($17) is the very best gift they could receive, because they’re never too young to work on keeping a steady hand.

7‘My Name is Not Isabella’ Personalized Book

My Name is Not Isabella ($30) is a personalized book that puts your girl’s name into the story as the main character spends her day pretending to be famous women from history, like Sally Ride, Rosa Parks and Marie Curie.

8Frida Kahlo Socks

These Frida socks ($8) are great for the young art lover in your life.

9Ms. Marvel Comic Book

The new Ms. Marvel is the first Muslim, Pakistani-American superhero. What could be more badass than that?

gerryshawImages: /Flickr