9 End Of The Year Gifts For Teachers That Will Show Your Appreciation

With Summer quickly approaching, the last thing you probably want to think about is school. Whether you're the student or your child is the one in school, it's easy to want to put the last few weeks on auto-pilot and set your mind on beach days with a tropical drink in hand, or at least anything but school. But there are a few loose ends to tie up before you can run free — one of them being end of the year gifts for teachers.

It's a sort of unspoken rule of etiquette among parents and students that teachers should receive a few tokens of appreciation from their students at the end of the year . And, when you think of everything teachers do, it's really not too much to ask. In fact, according to the National Education Association, teachers work an average of 50 hours a week, at least 12 of which are uncompensated hours at home. And their work doesn't stop when the last bell rings at the end of the year. They'll spend their summer making lesson plans, teaching summer school, and generally not relaxing.

Although a gift certainly won't capture all of the gratitude a teacher deserves, it's a great place to start. Try one of these easy DIY's or opt for one of the store bought options to give your teacher an end of the year gift they'll love.


For The Teacher With A Sense Of Humor

Any teacher with a sense of humor and a class full of children will be able to appreciate this travel mug ($33) from YunikDesign. And there's a chance that it may actually be true — especially in the summer.


For The Techie Teacher

Impress them with your DIY skills and gift them with something they'll actually use with this easy DIY leather laptop case from Almost Makes Perfect. It's an inexpensive option that looks as pretty as the store bought options.


For The Teacher With Everything

If you're at a loss for what to get them, snag a gift card that you know they'll love, and simply use these free printables from Delia Creates to make them a quick, easy, and cute package that will show you put thought into it.


For The Teacher With Scholastic Style

Every teacher loves a good tie, right? has ties for every subject ($25), from literature to science to math, making it a easy choice for you and a perfect gift for them.


For The Teacher Who Likes It Natural

If they can appreciate the beauty of natural products, make them a simple room freshener spray with this tutorial from Hello Glow, it's quick, simple, and costs almost nothing to make.


For The Grammar Police

An exceptional gift for English teachers, this mug from Fieldtrip ($16) on Etsy will be their new favorite mug.


For The Teacher Who Plans Ahead

Snag a cute notebook ($8), like this one from Target, or planner for them to jot down all their Summertime plans in.


For The Teacher Who Accessorizes

Even if they aren't the stereotypical "art teacher" who wears "art teacher" necklaces, these DIY necklaces from A Beautiful Mess are adorable and make the perfect quick and easy gift.


For The Teacher With (Or Without) A Green Thumb

A little greenery is the perfect gift for the end of a long school year. You can DIY your own pots, like in this tutorial from Homey Oh My, or buy your own. Plants like succulents and cacti are easy to take care of, making them the perfect gift for anyone.