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Which Fast Food Restaurants Are Open On Christmas Day? Let Us Enlighten You

Christmas day is without a doubt one of the biggest travel day of the year — after Thanksgiving of course. Unless you are hosting Christmas festivities, you are bound to get stuck in holiday traffic. What would normally be a forty-five minute drive will easily turn into a four hour drive, leaving you and your family hungry, cranky and needing to pee. Gross. But thankfully there are plenty of fast food restaurants that will be open Christmas day that will provide a bit of relief. A ten-minute pit stop at one of these food chains might be what your family needs to make it through the awful car ride ahead.

Whether you are craving some McDonald's fries or tacos from Del Taco, there are many fast food chains that you can stop at, or even dine at come Christmas Day. And don't forget that Dunkin' Donuts is open too, so stock up on coffee and munchkins for your long drive ahead. Your kids will thank you for it.

Whatever you are in the mood for, you can surely find it during your travels. So make that pit stop, and don't feel bad about it, because you deserve it. I mean, it is the holidays.



Of course McDonald's will be open on Christmas. It's one of the most popular fast food chains out there. This is the perfect place if you need some fries for your hungry little one, or some late night McFlurries for a yummy dessert.


Boston Market

If for some reason you miss Christmas supper, stop into Boston Market. They are serving a special Christmas dinner, which includes your choice of ham, roasted turkey, rotisserie chicken, three sides and a whole pie. This is the closest thing you'll get to a home cooked meal in the world of fast food restaurants.


Panda Express

A lot of families eat Chinese food on the big day and with yummy dishes like orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp, how can you blame them? They sound so good, they make me want to skip Christmas dinner.



KFC will have some locations open on Christmas day. The best thing to do is call ahead to see if the one nearest to you will be open. If it is, grab a bucket of fried chicken. It will make the whole family happy.


Del Taco

It's always time for tacos right? And why should Christmas be any different? Thankfully, a few selected Del Tacos will be open Christmas Day, helping you extinguish those taco cravings.


Dunkin' Donuts

If it's early in the morning, grab some hot chocolate and munchkins for the road. This is the ideal way to start off your holiday travels. Almost all Dunkin' Donuts locations will be open.


Steak 'n Shake

In the mood for a delicious burger and shake? Steak'n Shake will be open, though they will be closing a little early. Hours will depend on location. Best move is to stop in early before you miss those yummy shakes.



This is not a traditional fast food chain, but we couldn't help adding it to our list. Starbucks will be open till 6 p.m. on Christmas day, so get there early and grab your favorite coffee and scone. There are also gift cards if you need a last minute gift for someone.



Craving pizza? Some, not all, Dominos locations will be open Christmas Day. After the kids are asleep this would be the perfect late night holiday meal for adults to binge on.

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