9 Father’s Day Gifts For The Sports Fan, Because His Heart's In The Shape Of A Ball

by Kelly Mullen-McWilliams

If the special dad in your life loves sports, my guess is you've already bought him the usual — posters of his favorite team, baseballs or basketballs, season tickets — but this year, you want to shake it up. Here are nine Father's Day gifts for the sports fan, all with a fun original twist. I promise, he won't be expecting any of these gifts, and they'll make you look super creative, too.

Take, for instance, this idea from PopSugar: a ballpark stadium blueprint to hang up on the wall. It's classy enough that you'll love having it in your house, yet on point so that he'll know you were truly thinking of him. Whatever his sport or his team — and whether he's a player or a simply a fan — you can get the perfect gift this year.

Of course, the best Father's Day present in the world for a sports lover is an experience, so consider pairing your gift with an afternoon game, or dad-and-daughter lessons on the field. If your partner is a sports fan, you already know that if you just add beer and some kind of funny-looking hat, he'll be happy as a clam. (Seriously though, what's with the hats?)


For The Baseball Fan

Baseball Game, $50, Uncommon Goods

When the season ends, dad can keep right on playing with this wooden game. It's also great for teaching kids the official rules of America's favorite pastime. The internet is rife with tabletop versions of classic games, and people love to play them. As a bonus, you can probably eat cheese off this wooden plank.


For The Basketball Fan

Basketball: Great Writing About America's Game: A Library of America Special Publication, $28, Amazon

A great book is a time-honored Father's Day tradition, so why not get your basketball fan this collection of classic writing about the game? Edited by Alexander Wolff, this book is a rich compendium of essays on the sport.


For The Hockey Fan

Vintage 1923 Skate Patent Drawing Retro Art Print, $9, Etsy

This print is a classy and unexpected Father's Day gift for any hockey or ice skating fan. It's available in several colors, and would look marvelous framed. In fact, you can find patent drawings of anything that's ever been patented — from hockey sticks to goalie masks — on Etsy. What a world.


For The Soccer Fan

Soccer Sports Jersey Personalized T-shirt Ornament, $12, Personalization Mall

The holiday season is a bit far away, but an ornament is always worth giving. This can be embossed with anyone's first name, and it's a gift dad will remember again. It's especially cute if it comes straight from the kids.


For The Football Fan

Hard Coated Hand Sketched Football Coaster Set, $30, Amazon

What's football without beer? Nothing but sound and fury, I'm afraid. This coaster set is light-hearted fun for Father's Day, while protecting your coffee table. Of course, there are no guarantees that your partner will actually use them, but it doesn't hurt to try.


For The Golfer

Personalized Golf Balls with Personalized Case, $36, Etsy

In the internet age, you can personalize anything, including golf balls. These personalized golf balls can be monogrammed with either a name or initials, and include scorekeeping pencils and twelve plain tees. With a rosewood case to keep it all together, this gift looks sophisticated, too.


For The Cyclist

UpCYCLEd Bike Chain DAD Sculpture, $30, Etsy

I absolutely love this one, and so will the dad in your life — especially if he's into art, or recycling, or both. This sweet sculpture is a nod to his favorite outdoor hobby that will look great on his desk at work. He'll know you were thinking of him.


For The Tennis Fan

Sports Gift Chocolate, $17, Etsy

Personalized sports fan chocolate — it's a thing, and my guess is that it will be a huge hit at your house. You can order these in any fan flavor, including tennis. To me, the tennis racquet looks especially delicious. This gift won't last as long as a new racquet, but it's sure to be memorable.


For The Everything Fan

Shh The Games Is On Sports Socks, $10, Etsy

For the dad who loves to lounge in front of ESPN, these socks are the perfect accessory. Plus, who doesn't need new socks? While you're at it, grab a pair for yourself. The Perfect Pair Shop also makes one that will magically make people bring you wine.