Courtesy of Jill Di Donato

9 Feminist Costumes For Babies That Scream Gender Equality

Halloween is upon us, and for all you feminist moms out there, this is your time to dress your baby in a costume that reflects your worldview. Choosing a feminist costumes for your baby shows your little girl (or boy — feminism is for all) that it's never to early to topple the patriarchy.

The best part about feminist costumes, besides spreading the word about gender eqaulity, is that that are DIY, meaning they incorporate clothing your baby already owns or can wear after Halloween is over. Plus, none of them come in a bag, so you're not forking over any money to "the man," AKA any big company (not that there's anything wrong with those costumes; these just happen to be grassroots all the way). And, I promise you, assembling these feminist baby costumes won't consume all your time, but they will be the hit of your Halloween parade.

Not only do these feminist Halloween baby costumes make a statement to elevate the chatter of your cocktail party conversation to the value of fighting for women's equality, they will create iconic photographs for your budding feminist daughter. If you believe that feminism is a movement and not a buzzword, you will dig these DIY feminist Halloween costumes for babies.


Gloria Steinem And Dorothy Pitman Hughes

This costume will make for some amazing photo opportunities. All you need is your baby's BFF and some progressive notions about intersectional feminism. A baby black leotard ($19) is really all the attire you need. Well, that and tons of attitude.


Hillary Clinton


Show your neighborhood that you're with her by dressing your baby as Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Dress your baby in a power red leotard ($18) and red tights for babies ($4) ensemble to create the same effect.


A Member Of Beyoncé's Bey Hive

When admirers of your child's costume say, "What a cute bumble bee," you can correct them as such: "She's a bumble Bey who came to slay." To create a bee costume, choose a yellow onesie ($11) black ruffle tights ($7 to $13) and a headband antennae ($7). Blast Lemonade from your mobile device as you're trick-or-treating, and all the neighborhood kids will get in formation.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

This plush hooded robe in black ($25) will get tons of use post-Halloween, but paired with a white lace bib ($14) it gives your baby the distinguished look of Notorious RBG. To send the costume over the top, get a pair of inexpensive baby sunglasses ($9), and pop out the lenses to create RBG's signature eyewear.


Frieda Kahlo

One of my favorite Halloween costumes was when my friend dressed up as Frieda Kahlo. How can you recreate this look on your baby? Simple. Snag a flower crown headband for baby ($10 for a nine-piece set) and give your baby an easy-to-grip jumbo paintbrush ($6). Whether you want to give your baby a little extra brow is up to you, but you should definitely use the 18-inch necklace from this baby costume jewelry set ($8) to give your little Frieda some sparkle. As for the dress, continue the rose theme with this gorgeous red spotted roses baby dress ($19 to $22).


Rosie The Riveter

This adorable baby jumpsuit in knit denim ($13 to $22) creates a working girl vibe, plus, the cuff of the sleeve is stitched to look rolled up, so your baby can flex her guns. Pair with a red baby bandana headband ($6) and you're girl is good to go.


Queen Elizabeth I

If you're baby girl is a redhead, look no further for the perfect feminist Halloween costume. Queen Elizabeth I, AKA The Virgin Queen, married her nation showing the entire world that a husband was a choice, not a necessity. To create her royal look, choose a baby crown headband ($10) with Victorian vibes. I'm kind of dying over this gold embroidered baby gown ($29 to $31) that's, you guessed it, fit for a queen.


Gabby Douglas

The first African American in Olympics history to win gold in the all-around competition, Gabby Douglas makes for a perfect costume for your little gymnast. This Obersee leotard ($22 to $104) is pricey, but the designs are fire, and will definitely cause a commotion in your next tumbling class. To finish up your Gabby Douglas costume, be sure to layer on these novelty gold medals for kids ($6).



An easy feminist superhero costume comes in the form of Supergirl. All you need is a blue footsie body suit ($15) and a sassy bib that doubles for a red cape ($12). Add a knit beanie crown in red ($7) to make the perfect topper for your super baby.