9 Feminist AF Father's Day Gifts

by Lindsay E. Mack

Father's Day is fast approaching, and that probably means you're on the lookout for gifts. If your dad leans toward a feminist frame of thought, then you're in luck, because there are a number of feminist Father's Day 2017 gifts to give the most empowering man in your life.

A supportive father is so important for a young woman's growth and development. Talking about abstract concepts like respect and solidarity is one thing; having an adult male who demonstrates these values in real life is another. If you're lucky enough to have a feminist father, then it's likely your world view and growth has been influenced by his support. Whether your dad is an outspoken advocate for women's rights, or simply a man who encouraged you to follow your dreams — whether they fit into the stereotypical mold of feminine behavior or not — he deserves some extra props on Father's Day.

You can gift your dad some reading material about influential women of history. Are funny hats and t-shirts more his vibe? There's plenty of those, too, and they all subtly (or not-so-subtly) support his awesome daughter, as well as women overall. Whether they're funny, thoughtful, or sweet, these Father's Day gifts are perfect for any feminist dad.


Awesome Dad Card

"Awesome Dads" Card, $5, Etsy

Awesomeness is quite possibly genetic. This "Awesome Dads" card from OKSillyInk is a handy way to thank your dad for his role in raising you. Because some feelings can only be conveyed with a fist-bump.


'The Secret History Of Wonder Woman' by Jill Lepore

The Secret History of Wonder Woman, $11, Amazon

If your dad is a comics geek, then this book is sure to dazzle. Jill Lepore's The Secret History of Wonder Woman is a best-seller that examines the fascinating origins of the iconic superhero.


Proud Dad Shirt

"Proud Dad" T-shirt, $13, Etsy

Why wouldn't your dad be proud? This "Proud Dad" t-shirt from signatureshirts gives him the excuse to share your excellence with the world. What more could dad want?


'Bad Girls Throughout History' by Ann Shen

Bad Girls Throughout History, $14, Amazon

If your dad is a history buff, then this book is sure to intrigue him. Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen covers everyone from Ada Lovelace to Sojourner Truth. The brilliant watercolor illustrations bring their stories to life.


Secure Men Shirt

"Secure Men Are Feminists" Shirt, $25, Etsy

If your dad is happy to share his beliefs with others, then this "Secure Men Are Feminists" shirt will be a hit. There's something to be said for wearing your security on your sleeve.


Rules For Dating My Daughter Hat

"Feminist Father" Hat, $16, Zazzle

This hat offers a clever take on the stereotypical "rules" for dating someone's daughter. The "Feminist Father" hat features a classic design with a progressive message. Because your dating life is ultimately your business, right?


Feminist Pride Sticker

Feminist Pride Symbol Sticker, $5, Amazon

Help your dad deck out his ride with the feminist pride symbol sticker. Plus, it's a daily reminder of his excellent daughter.


Feminist Pin Badges

Feminist Pin Badges, $6, Etsy

This is a radical gift from any strong daughter. The feminist pin badges from craftypagan are cool and straightforward. They're a great keepsake for any thoughtful dad.


Great Dad Mug

"Great Dad" Mug, $21, Etsy

Sometimes a humblebrag won't cut it: you need an overt brag. And this "Great Dad" mug from PickMeCups proclaims your dad's awesomeness to the world. Because if you're lucky enough to have a feminist dad, then everyone should know.