9 Memorable First Day Of School Sign Ideas For Every Type Of Mom — Really

It might seem like you're just hitting your summer stride, but some schools are already back in session. Yikes! Guess it's time to start stocking up on school supplies, first-day-of-school outfits, and cute photo props. Soon your social feed will be inundated with "first day of school" pics, so if you want your kiddo's to stand out, here are 10 clever sign ideas for kid's first day of school. These signs are so adorable you might max out your phone's storage with the amount of pics you take.

I recently stumbled upon my own first-day-of-school pic from second grade, and I really had a good laugh over everything happening in the photo. First of all, the outfit that I had thought was the coolest thing on earth (think: denim overalls with a very prominent southwestern-looking belt buckle) was unfortunate, to say the least. Then there was my mullet-adjacent haircut, and my missing-tooth grin. I was a wreck! But I wouldn't go back and change a thing, because I remember feeling like a million bucks that day.

That's what's so glorious about first-day-of-school photos. They capture a child's essence and attitude heading into a new grade. They document what styles are in fashion and what haircuts are all the rage. And now that back-to-school signs have really gone next-level, they can capture a whole bunch of other fun information too, like hobbies and what your child wants to be when they grow up. Here are some of our favorite signs that will only get better with time.

For the kids with attitude, and the mom with a sense of humor

Let's be honest, sometimes kids aren't that jazzed that summer is ending and school is starting. But these hilarious home-made signs from @livinglaurabeth show that the first day of school can be a really exciting day for mom.

For the emo mom

Triple Sprout Designs Stop Crying Mom Sign, $4, Etsy

I absolutely love this sign from Triple Sprout Designs because I'm that mom who is a blubbering mess come drop-off time on the first day of school. If #same, you need this sign too.

For the "hang it on my fridge" mom

Back to School Sign, $20, Sprinkle Art Design

First-day-of-school signs give you the opportunity to document everything your kiddo is into right then. It's a time capsule. That's why these personalized signs from Sprinkle Art Design are so cool. It includes a hand-drawn sketch of your child, plus three to four fun facts about them.

For the first and the last day

Mandygrams Creations Dry Erase School Signs, $25, Etsy

When your kid starts...and ends...preschool, it feels momentous. You need a proper sign to document the occasion. These text-based signs from Mandygrams Creations are ones that your little preschooler will hold with pride. Now getting him to sit still and look at the camera... that's another matter.

For the documentarian

Ashley Muller Designs First Day of School Sign, $5+, Etsy

I love the back-to-school signs that really capture what a big milestone it is to start a new school year, especially when it's kindergarten. This one from Ashley Muller Designs used by proud mom @caseywilliams407 documents everything from your student's favorite things to the teacher's name.

For the kid with sparkle

Sweet Wisteria Lane First Day of School Sign Unicorn, $3, Etsy

Starting a new grade can feel magical — a new teacher, new friends, new subjects... Capture your kiddo's enthusiasm with an equally magical sign. I like this one from Sweet Wisteria Lane that features unicorns and rainbows.

For the proud parent of a preschooler

Beach Handiworks Two Sided Felt Letter Board, $20, Etsy

When my daughter started preschool last year, I wanted to document every little moment of the day. She wasn't just eating Cheerios. She was eating Cheerios on her first day of school! This double-sided felt board from Beach Handiworks adds the perfect caption to those kind of shots. Plus, you can accessorize the boards with sweet touches.

For the sophisticated mama

MalWest Market Custom Watercolor Back to School, $8, Etsy

If you want your child's back-to-school sign to fit in with your highly curated Instagram aesthetic, then this sign from MalWest Market is for you. It's elegant and informative, so it's a win-win for you and your kiddo. I especially love that it documents "favorite book" and "when I grow up."

For the madlibs mama

Southern Chalking Back to School Signs, $50, Southern Chalking

I love that these sweet fill-in-the-blank signs from Southern Chalking are reusable. Plus, they come with hardware included to hang the signs up during the year.