9 First Halloween Costumes That Aren't Your Typical Pumpkin

Halloween is fast approaching and if your baby is new to the scene (which, they are, since they're, you know, a baby) you're probably racking your brain to find the perfect first Halloween costume for your little one that'll be both memorable and Instagram-worthy. As a mom, it's your duty to find costumes that aren't cheesy but are still cute enough for a baby to pull off. But no pressure, because costumes have evolved pretty far from the standard run-of-the-mill costumes, so finding first Halloween costumes that aren't your typical pumpkin, ghost, or skeleton shouldn't be very hard to do.

If you're feeling crafty and adventurous, you could even DIY your baby's costume. As intimidating as it sounds, you won't have to whip our your sewing machine to create a costume that's as original as your baby is. If DIY isn't really your thing, never fear. You can still find original and unique baby costumes online or in stores that will get the job done just fine.

So whether you've been planning your baby's first Halloween for months or are just now starting to browse the racks for inspiration, there's nothing stopping you from giving your baby (and you) the most memorable first Halloween ever.


Princess Leia

For any Star Wars fan, dressing their baby up like Princess Leia is a no-brainer. This Princess Leia costume ($12) is as adorable as it is affordable.


Baby Pineapple

For those who live in climates with less than fall-like temperatures, a baby pineapple costume makes way more sense than a pumpkin. This easy no-sew tutorial from Delia Creates can be easily adjusted to fit a baby or toddler and will help you create it in no time.


Little Lamb

There is nothing cuter than a baby dressed up like a little lamb, and this lamb costume ($50) makes it hard to choose anything else.


Busy Bee Cosutme

If you already have a bee costume and need some adorable antennae to complete the look, Delia Creates has the perfect tutorial for making busy bee antennae. As for the rest of the costume, a simple black sweater with yellow fabric stitched on or a full-blown store bought bee costume are both great option.


Baby Bear And His Woodland Friends

For a super easy costume with a little DIY aspect, why not turn your little one into a tiny woodland creature using this DIY felt bear mask tutorial from A Beautiful Mess? The rest of the costume would be simple: just dress them in brown pants and a brown jacket and they'll be the envy of all their baby friends.


A Baby Panda

If a full on bear-suit is more your baby's style, this baby panda costume ($28) is hard to beat.


No-Sew Baby Owl Costume

With a little bit of time, you can create this adorable owl costume via the easy to follow tutorial from Girl Loves Glam that's equal parts warm and equal parts squishy.


Biker Baby

Whether you're obsessed with Sons of Anarchy or not, this baby biker outfit ($20) is bad to the bone.


Tiny Sock Monkey Costume

This little sock monkey costume ($27) will keep your baby warm and looking festive all night long.