9 Foods You Didn't Think Could Help Pregnancy Nausea, But Totally Can
by Autumn Jones
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Pregnancy is unique for every woman, each with her own experience, opinions, and expectations. But if there is one thing pregnant women can all agree on, it is that morning sickness (and sometimes day-long sickness) sucks. Even the joy and happiness surrounding the event can't take away from that evil feeling of nausea. You've tried the ginger. You're up to your eyeballs in peppermint tea. But nothing is working. Time to try some foods you didn't think could help pregnancy nausea, but totally can.

Typically when nausea strikes, the last thing you feel like doing is bellying up to the table and chowing down on a plate full of food. But pregnancy is a different game — you're growing a human, and you have to eat. The good news is there are some foods that can help your body fight nausea caused by pregnancy. According to The National Center For Biotechnology Information, vitamin B6 has been proven to lessen nausea, which means having foods high in vitamin B6 on hand will be your saving grace when morning sickness strikes. Snacking on the right things will have you feeling more like you can survive the next nine months, instead of gagging every time you smell eggs frying.

If nausea has become an all too familiar part of your pregnancy, stock up on these nine foods that you didn't think could help pregnancy nausea and start feeling more like your old self.



Since cereal grains are high in vitamin B6, pouring yourself a bowl when you're feeling nausea may help you to get back on your feet again, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Opt for cereals high in grains and lower in sugar for best results.


Peanut Butter

If you tend to feel nauseous in the morning, the key may be what you eat at night. As Medical News Today suggested, you should eat protein at night to ease morning sickness. Grabbing a handful of nuts or a little bit of nut butter before you shut those eyes will help keep blood-glucose levels in check and could keep morning sickness from striking.



If the idea of eating a lemon makes you cringe more than your pregnancy sickness, don't worry. As Fit Pregnancy reported, sniffing or licking lemon is effective for stopping nausea. You can even squeeze a little in your water to get the calming effect lemon can provide when it comes to feeling like you might puke.



Although it's important for women to be cautious with soft cheeses during pregnancy, snacking on the ones on the acceptable list may help with nausea. Since many cheese are full of vitamin B6, it's an easy food to incorporate into meals when your nausea has you feeling like you don't want to eat.



You've heard an apple a day keep the doctor away, but it looks like an apple is also good for keeping morning sickness away. As Everyday Health reported, apples help fend off nausea due to their fiber content, which helps to rid the body of the chemicals that cause nausea.


Baked Potato

Need something bland when morning sickness strikes? Try a classic baked potato. Due to their starchy content, notes that baked potatoes can relieve nausea brought on by pregnancy. It might not sound like the most appropriate breakfast food, but when you're feeling pukey, you'll try anything.


Chile Peppers

You may think that chile peepers would be more likely culprits to cause nausea than to cure it, but as oncologist Luis F. Pineda told Cooking Light, it's the capsaicin in peppers that relieve the urge to vomit as it, "stimulates a neurotransmitter, substance P, that works on the brain much like an anti-nausea medication."



If you're craving guac despite your morning sickness, it could be due to the vitamin B6 avocados have to offer. Avocados are a great plant source of vitamin B6 which can be easily absorbed by the body, meaning the quicker the vitamin can get down to business on relieving that nausea.



To sooth an angry stomach, sip on vegetable broth at any time throughout the day. Full of calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A and C, vegetable broth eases morning sickness and helps bring you back to feeling more like yourself.

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