Table full of tasty snacks and beer prepared for watching rugby on TV

These Football Baby Shower Ideas Will Welcome All The Baby Boys & Girls Of Fall

Having a baby in the fall can be a real pain, as you've been pregnant all summer long. But it does have a few real benefits. First, you get to walk with your baby through brightly-colored leaves, a hot cider in your hand. Second, there are just so many opportunities for different types of fall-themed baby showers, like a football-themed baby shower. Think of all the finger food possibilities. There are a ton of football baby shower ideas on Etsy and Pinterest, and I've found them all for you.

Hailing from Canton, Ohio, I know a thing or two about huge football celebrations. Whether it's celebrating the newest Hall of Famers, going to see the Browns, cheering on The Ohio State University Buckeyes, or just hanging out watching the local high school team play, we Ohioans know our tailgate and football parties. Except for maybe Super Bowl celebrations. (Maybe it's our year? Go Browns!) And football would make for the perfect baby shower theme, if you're a fan. It makes things like color coordination and baby shower games that much simpler by providing an outline from which to draw inspiration. Honestly, I cannot believe I haven't been to one yet. It has to be because I relocated to New York City when I was 20. That's the only possible reason.


One Word: Tailgate

I'm sorry, but there is possibly no better food situation for a pregnant woman than a buffet full of all of the best stuff from the region in which you live. I've tailgated in Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts, and the food is the star. In Ohio, we have Polish sausage, pepperoni rolls, noodles swimming in butter, and salads that have never seen a vegetable. In New York, it's all finger food and Italian staples. Imagine rice balls and zeppole beside meat kebabs and grilled corn. I went to one tailgate that was all Szechuan style Chinese food, and I thought I'd died and gone to some heaven where everyone wears green. In Massachusetts, I am not kidding, there were lobster rolls and oyster fritters. I need to tailgate more.

Tell me a pregnant woman wouldn't want to sample all of that.


Ticket Invites

These are downloadable and you can fill them out on your own, with your own information. They're so cute, and very affordable at just over $5.



One game that I've played at a baby shower that would obviously fit a football-themed shower is to try to diaper a football, blindfolded. Let me tell you, it really separates the veteran parents from the newbies. Having had a few kids myself, I feel like you could hand me a greased cat, and I could diaper it.

If you've been to a baby shower, you've played the clothespin game. This is a football-themed clothespin game board and clothespins.

Pro tip: pay a kid to count the candy, or weigh a few for an average and then weigh the whole thing and divide. For instance, one M&M is 1.13 grams. 1000 is 130 grams.


Gatorade Labels

Is there football without Gatorade? Is there pregnancy without Gatorade? No on both counts. These are hilarious for a football-themed baby shower, and also, helpful.


Football Diaper Cake

Poop catching, but make it fashion. If there's a baby shower, there will be a diaper cake. Might as well have it be on-theme.



Building a tablescape is key. This is kitschy, but you could go more classic, using only the colors of the team you cheer for.



You need these football shaped mint rice cereal treats from Inside BruCrew Life for your baby shower. Mostly because they look delectable.


Crib Sheet Shower Gift

How cute is this crib sheet? Your little touchdown on their own football field. Perfect for a baby shower.



Can you think of a better football baby shower favor than custom coozies? I think not.