9 Fun Earth Day Activities For Kids That'll Have Them Going Green

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Although April isn't known for its holidays, there is one celebration that falls towards the end of the month: Earth Day. Though many people don't choose to throw a huge celebration for the impactful day, this was one of the most anticipated days of the year during my time as a Girl Scout leader. Children love the chance to be outside, appreciate nature, and take on some fun Earth Day activities for kids. And some of these activities may even get adults excited too.

Earth Day, which lands on April 22, is an annual event founded in 1970. On this day, people worldwide demonstrate their support for environmental protection and challenge one another to get involved in any way possible. Whether you like to do things outside or like to stay inside, there are plenty of activities for you to get involved that you sometimes do on a daily basis. What's even better, if you have kids, is finding things for them to do that shed light on the importance of the day. If you're fresh out of ideas or don't even know where to start, these nine fun Earth Day activities will help spark your creativity for the big day.


Turn Juice Can Lids Into Garland

If DIY crafting is your thing, make some new decorations for your little one's room with this cool recycled juice can lid garland activity from 30 Minute Crafts.


Make A Charging Station

One thing you should know about teenagers is that they don't do much of anything without their phones. If you have a teenager like this, A Little Craft In Your Day's tutorial for a DIY charging station would be a great activity for Earth Day.


Feed The Birds

Got a few finished beverage bottles hanging around? Try this fun and helpful bird feeder bottles activity from Aunt Peaches with the kids.


Cook A Meal With Locally-Grown Vegetables

If you and your mini like to get in the kitchen together, plan to hit the farmer's market and grab a few locally-grown fruits and vegetables to join in on the Earth Day fun. Not only will it be tasty, it'll be healthy too!


Plant A Tree Or Flowers

Nothing says "I love you, Earth" like planting a brand new tree or set of flowers to show your appreciation. If the kids like to get dirty, this would be an ideal and enjoyable activity for them.


Craft Some Recycled Bottle Cap Jewelry

Creating Madigan Made's recycled bottle cap jewelry is perfect for the little glitter princess of your world. If you're not big on the glitter though, paint will do just fine.


Decorate Resuable Bags

While going to the grocery store may not necessarily be your child's favorite thing to do, get them excited to pick up the reusable grocery bags you have by decorating them together. Pick up some paint or fabric markers and expose the Picasso in them.


"Weave" A Simple Crinkle Blanket

A cool way to recycle a large chip bag, this handy simple crinkle blanket DIY craft from 30 Minute Crafts will give your kids new reasons to beg for bags of their favorite chips.


Host A Trash Pickup Race

Get the kids to help keep the community clean by hosting a neighborhood or household trash pickup race. Give the winner a special prize, like first dibs on the locally-grown vegetable based meal you made for dinner, or whatever fun option they choose.