9 Fun Facts About February Babies That Are Just Awesome

Every baby is different, but depending on when your little one was born, you might be surprised to discover that she shares some very distinct and fascinating traits with other kids born during the same month. Everything from her eventual career to her personality has the potential to be influenced by her birthday. So what are some fun facts about babies born in February?

We're not just talking about her horoscope (although, okay, there's a little bit of astrology involved, like which signs she might be born under). Some of these tidbits about February babies are actual, science-based facts. February might be the shortest month of the year, but it's got a lot going on — and in many ways, babies born during this time have a lot going for them, too.

Having a baby in February might be challenging in some ways, as anyone who's ever tried to figure out how to get anywhere with a newborn in the dead of winter knows, but there could be some lifelong benefits for your child. One thing's for sure: Whether you're anxiously awaiting your due date (any minute now!) or just about to celebrate your little one's birthday, you're definitely going to find these tidbits interesting.

1. They're destined for a life in the spotlight


Don't be surprised if your future includes dodging the paparazzi: A study published in Journal of Social Sciences found that babies born under the astrological sign of Aquarius (which includes February and January babies) are more likely to become celebrities. (That's right, there was a legit scientific study on the subject!)

2. They're more likely to be artists


Now that you know your baby is probably gonna be mega famous, you're probably wondering what type of celeb he'll be, right? Here's a possible clue: One study by the UK Office of National Statistics discovered that people born in February are more likely to become artists, noted The Telegraph. December, by contrast, seems to yield an abundance of dentists. Who knew?

3. They're super chill


If researchers from Hungary are correct, then the tantrum phase of toddlerhood might not be as bad for parents of babies born in February as those with little ones who have summer birthdays. Scientists in Budapest found that people born in the winter are less likely to be irritable later on, reported The Telegraph.

4. They're the rarest of them all


Not only do babies born during a leap year on February 29 only get a "real" birthday once every four years (they're known as "leaplings"), but according to a chart created by NPR reporter Matt Stiles, February birthdays in general are fairly rare (particularly compared with September and July).

5. They have a gorgeous birthstone


Arguably one of the prettiest gems on the planet (particularly if you're a fan of the color purple), babies born in February can claim the amethyst as their birthstone. Historically hailed as more than just a sparkly accessory, Leonardo da Vinci apparently credited the stone with helping to "quicken intelligence and get rid of evil thoughts," according to The American Gem Society.

6. They have a gorgeous birth flower, too


Speaking of purple things, babies born in the month of February also have a particularly lovely flower to call their own: The violet, which symbolizes spiritual wisdom, faithfulness and humility (according to FTD).

7. They could be born under one of two astrological signs


Depending on when exactly your baby is born in February, she could be an Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) or a Pisces (February 19 to March 20), according to AstroStyle. If she's an Aquarius, you can expect a free spirit; if she's a Pisces, you could have a sensitive, dreamy type on your hands.

8. They share their birth month with many a VIP


Perhaps proof that the research about February babies growing up to be famous is accurate, some major players throughout history were born this month according to a list from American Greetings: James Dean, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens, Norman Rockwell, John Steinbeck, Babe Ruth, and such modern-day celebs as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Sheryl Crow, Michael Jordan, and John Travolta.

9. Their birth month is basically one long holiday


Like we said, February might be short, but it's got a lot going on — including quite a few holidays. On the list: Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Chinese New Year, and Mardi Gras. Party!

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