9 Funny Halloween Costumes For Couples That'll Get All The Laughs


There's no better feeling than walking into a Halloween party with your significant other or best friend to find that you totally nailed your couples' costume. You can usually gauge your success by the applause and, if you're the funny type, the laughs. There are always some funny Halloween costumes for couples at these kinds of parties, but you want yours to be hilarious and original.

Over the years, my husband and I have had our share of great couples' costumes. We were Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, a cop and a robber, and even a nun and a priest – I'm still debating whether I should go to confession for that one. But, like a lot of parents, since having kids we've slacked on our own Halloween looks. We spend so much time walking up and down the aisles of the craft and party stores for our kids, that we end up handing out candy in T-shirts with a pumpkin drawn on them and call it a day.

This year, the goal is to pass up the orange "This is my Halloween costume" T-shirts in exchange for looks that will show our neighbors that we are the costumed king and queen of the cul-de-sac. Here are some laugh out loud looks to wear with your partner this October 31.

1Kat & Garth

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Break out into random songs and giggles this Halloween dressed as SNL characters Kat and Garth. Just grab two white turtle necks ($13), holiday vests ($13), and a pair of feathered blond wigs ($12).

2Russell & Kevin

imaduckyy on instagram
Courtesy of Yvette Manes

First you must memorize the lines, "My name is Russell. I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweat Lodge 12 , are you in any need of assistance today sir?" Next, to recreate Russell's look you need this adult scout's costume ($31). You can dress up like Kevin the "Snipe" with a royal blue leotard ($16), a rainbow tutu ($18), royal blue gloves ($4) and a blue feathered headband ($5).

3American Gothic

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

You and your partner can be a living version the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. Start out with a set of overalls ($28) and a black sport coat ($29) for the farmer. The farmer's wife (or is she his daughter?) wears a black dress with a white collar ($22), a brown apron ($11), and a cameo brooch ($12). Top the look off with a pitchfork ($27) and be sure to bring a large empty picture frame to stand behind together.

4Sheldon & Amy

abilosli on instagram
Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Bazinga! Become everyone's favorite The Big Bang Theory couple this Halloween. Sheldon wears a Flash T-shirt ($13) over a long sleeve white tee ($6), and a pair of beige corduroy pants ($20). Amy loves her layers wearing brown tights ($9), a corduroy skirt ($13), plaid top ($13) and a cable knit sweater ($8). Don't forget her eyeglasses ($10).

5The Grady Twins

thearbilaboutique on instagram
Courtesy of Yvette Manes

The Shining was scary, but nothing is funnier than two grown adults portraying the Grady Twins in knee high socks and baby doll dresses, especially when one is your hubby. You will need two light blue short dress ($19), white knee high socks ($5), black Mary Janes ($19), and a brunette wig ($22).

6Netflix & Chill

shayrailima on instagram
Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Don't spend your Halloween scrolling your Netflix queue. Dress up like your favorite Friday night activity. First, you need a Netflix logo T-shirt ($19) which you can pair with any pair of pants, leggings or a skirt. For "chill" you will need a light blue leotard ($21), a matching tutu ($10) and scarf ($10), and you can top the look off with some light blue boots ($29).

7Juno & Paulie

Fox Searchlight
Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Juno and Paulie is the perfect costume for pregnant mamas and their partners this Halloween. Paulie's gym clothes ($55) are easy, as it costume comes complete. Juno wears maternity jeans ($16) under a plaid pleated skirt ($14), a striped top ($17) and a gray hoodie ($14). Pull your hair into a pony tail and you're ready to go.

8Curious George & The Man With The Yellow Hat

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Monkey around at your next Halloween party dressed as Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat. It's easy to find a Man With The Yellow Hat costume ($31). Curious George can be recreated using brown tights ($9), a brown leotard ($18), and a monkey ears and tail set ($10).

9Koala & Eucalyptus

marissadanekas on instagram
Courtesy of Yvette Manes

The key to this costume is that you have to stay attached to your eucalyptus the whole night. Are you up for it? To be a koala you need a brown leotard ($18), brown leg warmers ($8) and some furry ears ($20). The eucalyptus can be recreated using a camo jacket ($35), camo shorts ($20), a bucket hat ($4), and some leaves ($4) tucked all around.