9 Funny Twitter Moms Who Understand The Most Ridiculous (And Hilarious) Parts About Raising A Kid

by Kelly Anne Bonner

Being a mom can be one of life’s greatest joys, there’s no doubt about that. It is also, in other respects, one of the most ridiculous experiences you will ever go through, one that no one else seems to really get unless they’ve been there.

Thank god for funny Twitter moms, who understand exactly how it is when you’ve been asked “why?” for the hundredth time, stepped on your fifth lego today, and found yet another stain on your shirt whose origin you just can’t identify. Through the ups and downs, they’re right there with you, tweeting it just like it is, and telling about the good, the bad, the ugly, and always hilarious aspects about raising a kid. To read their tweets is to feel like you’re a part of a whole group of girlfriends going through motherhood with you, ones who always have sarcastic, wry observations to impart and take the time to record every laugh-out-loud, I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened moment throughout the ride. For a whole bevy of relatable experiences that are just downright entertaining, here are the nine funniest moms on Twitter that you have to follow now. Who knew one hundred forty characters could be so on point about parenting?


Walking Outside

Feel all the things in this parent’s tweets about #momlife and those little laugh-about-it-and-move-on kind of moments.



Think of this Twitter account as the voice inside your head, tweeting the random things you think to yourself but would never say aloud when around your kids.



This tweeter is new on the block, but has quickly established herself as a go-to for dependably funny thoughts about #parentingproblems and #toddlerlife.  



Want to laugh about a super specific experience? You can count on this prolific account for a nonstop report on every amusing #momlife moment.



Expect plenty of lol-worthy tweets, especially ones about tantrums, from this witty mom.



This comedienne not only tweets her own short, wry observations, but retweets other mom-related snippets that are just as funny, making for one great feed.



Who doesn’t love a feed that features irreverent, oh-so-true tweets from a mom who isn’t afraid to get a little cheeky?



Recording hilarious conversations is an art form for this mom, who also, of course, stops to impart little funny bits of wisdom along the way.



The handle says it all. Expect plenty of (you guessed it) sarcasm on this fantastic feed.

Images: Courtesy of andreawadadavies/Instagram