9 Funny Valentine's Day Memes That Combine LOL & Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and stores are filling up with flowers, cards, and candy galore. Whether you’re a true romantic or a V-Day hater, there is no escaping the holiday. Thankfully, there are lots of funny Valentine’s Day memes to poke fun at this saccharine day and bring a laugh to singles and couples alike.

Drawing on pop culture references and the Internet's particular brand of humor, these memes perfectly parody the typical Valentine’s Day cards, or at least express sentiments that many people feel this time of year. (I mean, who doesn’t look forward to discount candy on Feb. 15?) And like any collection of memes, some are clever, some are cute, and some are just out there (in the best possible way).

So if you need a refuge from the onslaught of cutesy cards and sweet sentiments, these memes can help give you a breather and a laugh. And although many memes run their course in a matter of weeks or even days, there’s something about the spot-on Valentine's Day parody that has some real staying power. You can even share a V-Day meme with your own Valentine if so inspired. After all, nothing says “I love you!” like sharing something funny from the Internet.


For The Sci-Fi Enthusiast

Better than a C-3PO out of 10.


For The Old-School Romantic

RIP Internet Explorer.


For The Disney/Yeezus Fan

We sure Kim.


For The Optimist

Feb. 15 is the rea holiday, am I right?


For The Conspiracy Theorist

Yeah, we don't get this one either. . .


For The Colorful Pragmatist

Double does of V-Day love.


For The Wordsmith

Who doesn't love a good pickup line.


For The Cat Friend

Science + cats = WIN


For The Unrequited Lover

Oh Leo. We know this is your year.