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Celebrate The Return Of 'Game Of Thrones' With These Themed Products

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Apr. 14 for its eighth and final season. Now that the end is near, viewers may want to do some celebrating to make sure they enjoy the final six episodes in style. Whether you want to spice up a Westeros-themed party or buy a gift for the superfan in your life, surely one of these 9 Game of Thrones themed products will be exactly what you're looking for.

Game of Thrones branded content has exploded in pretty much every market: you can find makeup that will make you feel like the Queen of the Iron Throne, or home decor to give your house that Westerosi flair. You can light a candle that will transport you to the courtyard at Winterfell or pour yourself a drink that would impress Queen Cersei. You can fit a little Game of Thrones into your life in whichever way suits you best. And maybe having something tangible will make it easier when the show finally concludes; soon there won't be any new episodes to look forward to, but your House Stark eyeshadow palette is forever.

Without further ado, here are some Game of Thrones themed products to help you celebrate the end of the series.

Urban Decay 'Game Of Thrones' Collection

It hasn't dropped yet, but the Urban Decay Game of Thrones collection will have something for everyone. The centerpiece is a 20-shade eyeshadow palette with a pop-up Iron Throne, but that's not all there is to enjoy. You can also help yourself to a Mother of Dragons Highlight palette, a Targaryen red lip and cheek stain called Dracarys, four new Glide-On Eye Pencils, and four new shades of their Vice Lipsticks. You can even get eyeshadow brushes shaped like Needle and Longclaw! You'll be able to quite literally slay a look.

Pour One Out For Cersei

There are few things Cersei enjoys like a good glass of wine (though she's also fond of shocking power-plays and family get-togethers). Now you can decant and demand just like the queen herself! Game of Thrones Wines has a red wine blend and a chardonnay, so you can tweak to your tastes.

Westerosi Monopoly


Turn the title of the show literal with this special edition of Monopoly. You can play with on-theme pieces like a dragon egg or a wolf while you move along the board from one TV show location to the next.

'A Feast Of Ice & Fire'


Once you've poured yourself a healthy glassful of Cersei's favorite wine, you can whip up a Game of Thrones-style meal using the official companion cookbook. You can host your own feast, though hopefully it goes better than most of the ones on the show. Just keep an ear out for "The Rains of Castamere."

Danielle Nicole House Targaryen Mini Backpack


With the Danielle Nicole House Targaryen mini backpack from BoxLunch, you can take a little bit of the series with you wherever you go. It doesn't immediately scream Game of Thrones, but other fans will most definitely recognize the sigil.

'Game Of Thrones' Tarot Card Deck

Urban Outfitters

If you're feeling a little witchy, then you can try to predict what will happen in the finale with the help of the Urban Outfitters' Game of Thrones tarot deck. Each card features a beloved character and the set even comes with a guidebook to help you divine the future.

Dragon Egg Candles


Unfortunately, I can't get you your very own baby dragons, but you can burn these three dragon egg candles for a similar aesthetic. And who knows? Maybe something incredible will happen as they melt. But please don't burn down the house — not everyone is as fireproof as Daenerys.

Winterfell Candle

Etsy seller ForageCandle

If your allegiance is to the North, than perhaps this Winterfell candle from Etsy user ForageCandle will suit you better. It's scented like pine, fir, birch, and fire, making it the perfect accompaniment for a snowy night in.

"Tell Cersei It Was Me" T-Shirt

Etsy seller DrunkGirlDesigns

What better way to commemorate one of the show's most iconic moments than with a t-shirt? Etsy user DrunkGirlDesigns has emblazoned a tee with the Queen of Thorns herself, rocking some shades as she proclaims what many suspected: she was the one who orchestrated Joffrey's death.

These items are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Game of Thrones gifts. But they're all good ways to treat a friend — or yourself — before the show says its final goodbye.