9 Genius Hacks For Anyone Who Air Dries Their Hair

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

If you're a person that's used to running out of the house with wet or damp hair, then you know the struggles of air drying your hair. From suffering through frizzy hair all day to having your hair go extremely flat, air drying can be your worst enemy sometimes. That's why having a few hacks for anyone who air dries their hair is super important.

Though I'm not one that prefers to air dry my hair, I know plenty of people who prefer the method. My older sister, for example, will opt to let her hair air dry instead of putting heat to it because she says she doesn't want to damage it. Though excessive use of heat can definitely damage your hair, not properly air drying your hair can do some serious damage, too.

Everyone could benefit from knowing a few tips and tricks that make your hair look amazing without the use of heat. Whether you need to find a new way to remove majority of the wetness or to just have a way to keep it from falling flat while drying naturally, these nine hacks will surely be a way to get you ahead of the curve.


Use A Microfiber Towel

According to Bustle, microfiber towel is super absorbent and gentle, which keeps your hair from getting frizzy. Pick up a few, like the Luxe Beauty Essentials towel for frizz-free locks.

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Use A Thin Cotton T-Shirt

Elite Daily noted that using one of your old cotton t-shirts to dry your hair is way better than using a regular towel, because the material soaks up extra moisture without damaging your strands.


Braid Your Hair, But Loosely

A great way to help your hair air dry and to give it gorgeous waves is to braid it in loose braids, according to Teen Vogue. Be sure to make them loose though so that you won't damage your hair.


Brush With A Wide Tooth Comb

Bustle noted that using a wide tooth comb after washing is the best way to leave your hair in the most organized and natural state while drying.


Use A Styling Lotion


Don't Let Your Hair Dry In Its Natural Part

Prevention noted that keeping your usual part while air drying your hair is a big mistake ,because the hair is heavy and will pull your roots flat during the drying stages. Part your hair to the side and put some light mousse on your roots.

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Use A Leave-In Conditioner

In order to keep your hair moisturized before air drying, you should use a liquid leave-in conditioner, according to Women's Health. The leave-in conditioner prepares your hair to absorb the moisture.

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Don't Be Afraid To Use Oil

Fox News magazine noted that argan oil will enhance your natural waves during the air dry stage. It also decreases the amount of frizz you'll experience.

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Don't Go To Bed With Wet Hair

According to Prevention, going to bed with extra wet hair makes it easier to experience damage and breakage because of the friction it feels against your cotton pillowcase. Either wash it in enough time for it to dry before bed or wash it in the morning.