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9 Genius Products That Can Make Your Postpartum Life A Little Bit Easier


When you're a new mom, so much time is spent making lists of things to worry about, and checking it twice. Is the baby latching properly? Are they sleeping in the right position? Wait, it's quiet... too quiet. They're still breathing, right? Best to double (or triple) check.

Quickly, life becomes all about your little chickadee, and you'd do anything to protect their needs, but what about needs of your own? They didn't just disappear when your little one arrived. In fact, mom to mom, I know during those first few weeks of new motherhood that you've likely got more personal needs than ever before, seeing as you just gave life to a human being and all.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in the journey of parenthood is that if you're not well cared for, nobody else will be, either. It's a trickle-down effect that starts with you, mama bear. Prioritizing your health and comfort will make your whole family healthier and more comfortable, so that makes it a non-negotiable. That's why we teamed up with Always Radiant and Walmart to make sure all of you newly postpartum moms are fully stocked on the products that will make your transition into motherhood as stress-free as possible. Here are a few of my faves:

Pajamas That Are Super Cozy To Nurse In

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Everything feels a little bit more manageable when you're comfortable. Find a pair of nursing pajamas that make new mom life easier — and nursing possible in a pinch — without sacrificing comfort.

Pads That Fit Perfectly And Feel Great

Even if you weren't a pad fan before giving birth, you'll want to stock up on your sizes of Always Radiant pads and keep them handy for post-period protection. Always just released two new sizes to provide a wider range of coverage, and their MyFit sizing chart makes it so simple to find the right fit for you. Bonus: They come in super cute packaging, which feels like a big win when you may be working on getting back to being your most confident self.

A Nursing Bra You Feel Comfortable In

Personally, I found an amazing wire-free option that I loved, and I'm willing to recommend that route to anyone that asks. Especially in those tender postpartum months, having a comfortable bra was a life-saver in helping me go from new mom to nursing mom and back again.

Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding Relief


If you're breastfeeding your baby, then this is another new mom must-have. Helping to sustain your newborn child is a beautiful thing, but it can also call for moments of much-needed relief.

A Nursing Pillow That's Comfy For Everyone


There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while nursing — except for seeing your little one uncomfortable while nursing. Finding a cozy nursing pillow is a great solution on both fronts, helping you find that sweet spot for maximum comfort feeding after feeding.

Diapers You Can Trust

Diapers without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, or parabens, and come from a brands I can trust? I'll take it.

A Magical Baby Carrier


You're not used to having your baby outside of your belly, and they're not used to being here on Earth, either. There are many moments where they'll want to be snug against you, but you'll have things to do. Get the best of both worlds with a baby carrier that keeps you both snug, safe, and cozy together.

Nursing Bra Pads For Defense Against Leakage


I still have flashbacks of carrying on a conversation with my father-in-law while I leaked everywhere, unbeknownst to me. Need I say more?

A Quality Breast Pump

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Building your backup supply offers serious peace of mind, and there's no easier way to do it than using a pump you can trust. There are so many great models that are discreet, quiet, quick, and comfortable. What new mom couldn't use a little backup?

This post is sponsored by Always Radiant at Walmart.