9 Gifts For 1 Year Olds That They'll Play With All Year Long

As fun as it is to buy gifts for your loved ones, it can also be tricky business. Especially when the subject of your gifting is only one year old. They can't make a list for Santa or drop sneaky hints about what they want for Christmas all year long. But believe it or not, babies can actually be easier to buy presents for than most of the other people on your list. Finding gifts for 1 year olds that they won't get bored of right away isn't as hard as you might think, since most babies enjoy the same types of stimulating toys no matter what.

You don't have to buy the loudest, flashiest, noise-making toy for a 1 year old to love you. In fact, their parents will probably love you more if you don't. These toys are all specifically designed with young toddlers in mind, meaning that they stimulate important areas of their brains, allowing them to refine their motor skill and physical skills while having fun.

So don't be intimidated when you reach the tiny human on your Christmas list as you shop this year. These simple, educational, and fun toys will be the perfect thing for any one year old.


Personalized Story Books

Personalized Storybook, $35, I See Me!

There's nothing sweeter than watching a child's eyes light up when they hear their name in a book written just for them. Personalized storybooks like Goodnight Little Me creates the perfect bedtime story for any child.


Mini Construction Bench

Mini Construction Bench, $45, Pottery Barn Kids

For the little builder in your life, this mini construction bench from Pottery Barn Kids will encourage them to create and build whatever their imaginations can dream up.


Simple Push Cart

MULA Push Cart, $25, Ikea

Most one year olds are perfecting the art of walking for the majority of their first year. A push cart makes the perfect, straight forward gift that they'll love to run around with even after they master the art of walking.


Musical Instruments

Melissa & Doug Band Set, $17, Amazon

Not only does music help babies meet important developmental milestones, but most babies simply love to make noise. Let the one year old in your life have some fun with an instrument set like the Melissa & Doug beginner band set.


Wooden Blocks

100 Piece Wooden Block Set, $25, Amazon

A simple set of blocks is an open ended toy that encourages a child's imagination and lets them learn how to stack, build, and, of course, re-build to their heart's content.


Tap 'n Turn Tool Bench

Tap 'N Turn Toolbench Toy, $13, Amazon

If a full on work bench isn't in the budget, consider getting them something smaller but just as loud and fun. The Fisher Price tap 'n turn tool bench helps refine their motor skills and entertain them. Double win.


Board Books

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, $8, Amazon

Although one year olds certainly won't be reading on their own, babies love being read to. Board books are a safe option because they're virtually indestructible, and you can buy most books in board book form. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a great starter book that they'll love reading for years to come (since the pages will all still be intact.)


Wooden Puzzles

Farm Friends Jumbo Knob Puzzle, $17, Target

Puzzles are the perfect way to teach a baby their shapes and colors. Wooden ones, like board books, are equally indestructible as they are adorable and educational. This Melissa and Doug farm friends jumbo knob puzzle is the perfect first puzzle for any 1 year old.



I know, I know, a one year old can't appreciate (or play with) a new pair of pajamas. But as quick as kids outgrow their clothes, a new set, like these Carter's footed pajamas is one of the most helpful gifts you can give.