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9 Gifts For 'Bachelor' Fans That Are Sure To Keep Them Merry All Year Round

If you have a super fan of The Bachelor in your life, then your holiday shopping is about to get easier. Since The Bachelor's three-part franchise typically kicks off the first Monday in January (The Bachelor in winter, followed immediately by The Bachelorette in spring, with Bachelor in Paradise ending the summer), the holidays are the perfect time to get them amped up for nine months of Monday night rose ceremonies with The Bachelor-themed gifts. These gifts for Bachelor fans are a great place to get started.

There are great options for personal gifts, like earrings or clothing, but there are also plenty of choices for the Bachelor fan who loves to host a viewing party, because the communal Bachelor Nation experience is a crucial part of Bachelor fandom. And thanks to Etsy's democratization of both rabid fandom and extreme crafting, there are plenty of unique and customizable gifts to save you from either having to stand in the ABC merch line or presenting someone with a copy of Chris Harrison's romance novel while keeping a straight face. (Though it actually got decent reviews!)

Here's a pro-tip if you really want to set yourself apart: many Bachelor alums also count themselves among the "Instagram influencers" elite, so if you know your Bachelor fan has a favorite contestant, consider scrolling through that contestant's Instagram account for links to cool merchandise they've endorsed or been spotted using. But here are a few things to get you started...


Chris Harrison Earrings


Chris Harrison earrings, $9, Etsy

So maybe your Bachelor fan's favorite part of the show is less the love and romance, and more the show's trusty host of 30+ seasons. Surprise them with these Yung Chris Harrison earrings.


'The Bachelor' Planner Stickers


The Bachelor planner sticker kit, $7, Etsy

This The Bachelor planner sticker kit is a must-have for the uber-organized Bachelor fan (and the gift-giver on a budget). The kit comes with The Bachelor flags to stick in week-view time slots and larger stickers with stats you can fill in for month-view dates. For example, you can track the show's progress with stickers like "The First Impression Rose Goes To _____" and "Fantasy Suites."


'The Bachelorette' Pens

Knockett Designs/Etsy

The Bachelorette pens, $15, Etsy

Of course, what would would that planner be written in with other than this set of customized The Bachelorette pens. This set is Team JoJo specific, but you could easily leave that pen out of the set when you gift it for a more generic Bachelor fan present.


Temporary Tattoos


The Bachelor temporary tattoos, $20, Etsy

This set of The Bachelor temporary tattoos comes with 15 "Will You Accept This Rose" temporary tattoos and a tiny applicator sponge. It's a perfect giveaway (or activity) for those aforementioned viewing parties.


Wine Glasses


The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever wine glass, $8, Etsy

The custom Bachelor wine glasses market is poppin'. You can get the one above, a The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever wine glass, on Etsy. But here are two other versions available in other Etsy shops.


Wine, Bachelorette, and Yoga Pants wine glass, $10, Etsy


Will You Accept This Rose wine glass, $8, Etsy


Bingo Boards


The Bachelor bingo cards, $8, Etsy

These The Bachelor bingo cards, custom-made for Nick Viall's season are perfect for you and a group of friends. The cards are sent as a PDF download, so your recipient will be able to claim them immediately upon release. From there, they can be printed off and used to guide their Bachelor viewing party drinking game or prize giveaway.




"Shh...I'm binge-watching The Bachelor" onesie, $20, CafePress

Maybe your Bachelor fan has foregone viewing parties in favor of making The Bachelor viewing a family affair. Reward the littlest Bachelor fan in your life with this "Shh...I'm binge-watching The Bachelor" onesie.


I'm Here For All The Wrong Reasons Mug

Susan Moe/Cafepress

I'm Here For The Wrong Reasons Mug, $11, CafePress

For the Bachelor fan who loves the contestants we're supposed to hate, consider this I'm Here For The Wrong Reasons mug. That way, they can channel their favorite villains at home or at the office (or in their partner's kitchen).


Clothing By OWL Gear

Clothing By OWL

Wine Bachelor & Yoga Pants tanks, $25, Clothing By Owl

Clothing By OWL is the retailer behind those infamous Wine Bachelor & Yoga Pants tanks a bunch of Bachelor alums are known to sport at their viewing parties. It actually comes as a tank as seen above, a sweatshirt, or in a Coffee Bachelor & Yoga Pants tank version for the sober Bachelor fan in your life. They also have this Bachelor & Chill tank alternative.

As you can see, there are a lot of products to choose from, so go forth and let the holiday shopping begin!