9 Gifts For 'Parks and Rec' Fans Who Will Always Love Pawnee

by Kelly Anne Bonner

It's hard to believe that Parks and Recreation, the show brought Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Offerman to our TVs each week, has been off the air for almost a whole year. For fans of the show, it was the unique quirks of each character that made every episode so entertaining to watch—which is why, as holiday season rolls around, they'll know exactly what's up when it comes to these themed Parks and Recreation gifts. From the manly, outdoorsy, meat-obsessed Ron Swanson to the suave, entrepreneurial, rap-lyrics-dropping Tom Haverford, everyone on the show had a recognizable personality that, in my opinion, practically begged to be turned into on-point presents.

So whether this Parks and Rec fan is all about the "treat yo'self" philosophy or is simply unerringly positive, there's a gift for every character they related to. The show will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who watched it, and Pawnee is where fans can always go for a light-hearted laugh with the hilarious cast of personalities. For those who miss hanging out in those government offices and catching glimpses of funny yet horrifying murals, here are nine Parks and Recreation-themed gifts to give to each kind of fans in your life.


For Leslie Knope's Spirit Animal

Sticky Notes, $12, Brit + Co

If your friend, like Leslie Knope, remains unendingly positive about life and wants to go on to do great things, these motivational sticky notes from Brit + Co are just the thing to get them.


For Ron Swanson's Secret Twin

Bacon Nation Cookbook, $10, Amazon

Obviously this Ron Swason-appropriate Bacon Nation Cookbook will please any breakfast and meat lover in your life.


For The Ann Perkins-Level Buddy

Pen Set, $14, Brit + Co

Leslie Knope would approve of gifting this sweet talk pen set from Brit + Co for someone as thoughtful and as good a friend as Ann Perkins.


For Andy Dwyer's Couch Potato Buddy

Ramen Cooker, $14, Urban Outfitters

For the friend that's as lazy and lovable as Andy Dwyer, this rapid ramen cooker from Urban Outfitters is perfect.


For The Friend With Donna Meagle-Level Sass

Coffee Mug, $15, Nordstrom

Donna would approve of a gift that's as fresh and self-loving as this coffee mug from Nordstrom.


For the Nerdy Ben Wyatt-Like Friend

Death Star Ice Mold, $13, Think Geek

Any fan of Ben Wyatt knows he's the biggest geek around. So you know he'd love this death star ice mold from Think Geek.


For The Total Tom Haverford

Biggie Lyrics Print, $19, Etsy

True Tom Haverford fans will love this Biggie lyrics print from Etsy, as it that sounds exactly like something he would drop mid-conversation.


For The Friend With April Ludgate's Goth Streak

Skull Necklace, $35, Urban Outfitters

For the fans of the goth in April Ludgate, this chic, tiny skull necklace from Urban Outfitters will work like a charm.


For The Neurotic Chris Traeger Types

Planner, $30, Paper Source

The Chris Traeger-like friend who's hyper-organized will think this planner from Paper Source is literally perfect.

Images: Universal Television