9 Gifts For Tina Fey Fans That'll Fill The Void Until Becoming Her BFF

It's easy to be a fan of Tina Fey. Between her wise words and her ability to spin an effortlessly hilarious one-liner, she makes for one powerhouse of a woman — and a hell of a dream best friend, if you ask me. I'm secretly hoping that I'll one day meet Tina Fey on the street and she will look at me and instantly know we were destined to be besties. Don't judge, it could happen. But until that fateful day, I will have to make due with Tina Fey gift items to fill in the void.

Before you start to think I'm a crazy stalker, or turning my home into a shrine to Tina, you have to understand that there are some really awesome Tina-related items out there. From funny shirts to cute earrings, I could be head-to-toe Fey all day, every day. Not to mention all the wonderful things to fill my home with the Tina spirit: prints, mugs, candles — and even an action figure. With so many options, how is someone expected to choose?

If you're a Tina fan like me (or you know someone who has equally good taste in funny women), than these gifts will surely make it to the top of all your wish lists this year. Before you wrap up your holiday shopping, make sure to consider one (or all) of these nine gifts for Tina Fey fans to fill in the void until you become BFFs.


"Bitches Get Stuff Done" Coffee Mug

In case you needed a reminder that bitches get stuff done, this Tina Fey quote mug ($17) in an inspiring way to kick off the day.


Framed Tina Fey Quote

Just one of the many great quotes from Tina, this "Do your thing" print ($5) would be perfect in any room, but would be especially nice in an office or creative space.


What Would Tina Do T-Shirt

This "What Would Tina Do" t-shirt ($18) pairs great with your favorite jeans as well as training your brain to remind you to think like Tina.


Tina Fey Keychain

A little something with Tina, with a nod to Liz Lemon. Keep your keys safe and happy on this Tina Fey in a lemon keychain ($8)


Tina Fey Prayer Candle

Take your Tina worshiping to a whole new level with this Tina Fey prayer candle ($9). Call on Saint Fey to bring you gifts of laughter and wisdom.


Tina Fey Earrings

Wouldn't it be great if these Tina fey stud earrings could whisper cleaver jokes into your ears while you wear them? A girl can dream, right? ($8.50)



Learn what goes on inside the head of Tina, with her memoir, Bossypants ($18). Including stories from all different times in her life, with her signature wit peppered in, it's the perfect book for Tina fans.


Tina Fey Action Figure

To commemorate the Weekend Update days, grab a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figure set ($17) and let the girl power fun begin.


Liz Lemon iPhone Case

The force of Liz Lemon is with you (and your phone) when you rock this Liz Lemon is a princess iPhone case ($26).

Images: NBC Universal