9 'Gilmore Girls' Halloween Costumes To Celebrate Its Triumphant Return

With the Gilmore Girls revival only a month away from airing, it's only natural for fans to be freaking out over the return of the best show of all time. And with Halloween right around the corner, what better way to pay homage to those fast-talking Gilmores than by dressing up in a few Gilmore Girls Halloween costumes to celebrate? You might not live in Stars Hollow, but you can pretend for one night on this Stars Hallow-ween. (Really, really proud of that pun, you guys.)

The best part about Gilmore Girls is that, with a few quick tweaks, you can find most of these glorious '00s fashion forward costumes at home in your own closet. Especially if you have a tendency to save choice fashions from your childhood. Because everything seems to come back around in the world of style, doesn't it? So dive deep into your closet of many wonders, and search for a few of your favorite Gilmore fashion moments, because you're going to need them for these costumes that pay major homage to the girls (and a few of the guys too). And if you're not a packrat like me (teach me your ways, please), you can still find all of the proper accoutrements for these costumes just as easily as Emily Gilmore can deliver a backhanded compliment.


Rory Gilmore

Navy Plaid Skirt, $60, Modcloth | Light Blue Oxford, $30, Hollister Co | Navy Knee Socks, $9, Belk | Navy Flats, $45, Nordstrom | Navy Blazer, $24, Amazon

Perhaps the most iconic of all of Rory's get-ups over the years are the array of uniforms she dabbled in while at Chilton. For Rory's classic school uniform, all you'll need is a navy plaid skirt, a light blue oxford, a pair of navy knee socks, and a pair of navy flats. Don a navy blazer, wear your hair down and straight, parted down the middle a la Rory, and spend the night running around frantic about your schoolwork. Maybe add in a binder, or a stack of textbooks, to make your Rory costume extra authentic.


Lane Kim

Distressed Jeans, $37, Boohoo | Joy Division T-Shirt, $32, Rockabilia | Manic Panic Hair Dye, $9, Amazon | Fake Glasses, $14, Urban Outfitters | Drumsticks, $12, Absolute Music

In my humble opinion, Lane was always at her finest when she was sitting behind her drum set, rocking out and living her dreams. To get this Hep Alien-era Lane costume, wear a pair of distressed jeans and a Joy Division t-shirt. Put a little Manic Panic hair dye in your locks, toss on a pair of fake glasses, and carry around a set of drumsticks all night long. You'll be giving off the essence of Lane Kim almost as well as Lane Kim herself.


Luke Danes

Wrangler Jeans, $48, Macy's | Grey Crewneck T-Shirt, $13, ASOS | Men's Flannel, $30, Uniqlo | Work Boots, $40, 6pm | Baseball Cap, $13, New Chic

Oh, Luke. The caffeinated glue that held the Gilmores together for so many years. To get Luke's classic diner look, throw on a pair of Wrangler jeans, add a grey crewneck t-shirt, and layer a men's flannel over top. Because Luke was so handy, always fixing something for something, make sure to don a pair of work boots, and as always, a navy baseball cap. Other optional accessories: coffee, crullers, and a sign that says "no cell phones."


Kirk Gleason

Hard Hat, $13, Amazon | U.S. Mail T-Shirt, $18, Amazon | Cafe Apron, $12, Amazon | Popcorn Box, $3, Amazon | Luke's Diner Mug, $11, Amazon

Was there a job that Kirk didn't do? If you want to dress up as Kirk this Halloween, you can go a number of ways. But perhaps the best way to go is to mix and match a few favorites from Kirk's history of jobs, and roll them all into one.

In Kirk's first appearance on Gilmore Girls, he's not even Kirk. He is however, installing Lorelai's DSL, and wearing a hard hat, so add that to your costume pile. And remember when he delivered Rory's acceptance letter? Add a U.S. Mail t-shirt to the mix. How about the time he tried to open his own diner after Luke's had to close to fix the front window? Grab a cafe apron to pay homage to that episode. Kirk's presence at the Black, White, And Red Movie Theater was no coincidence, he was the clerk there. Carry around a popcorn box, and whisper at people all night long. To top off your essential Kirk kit, carry around a Luke's Diner mug with you. Just to get your point across. Because Kirk could always be found lurking around Luke's, even with all those jobs he had.


Emily Gilmore

Pencil Skirt, $13, Wear All | Boatneck Blouse, $14, With Chic | Classic Cardigan, $49, Lands End | Pearl Earrings, $24, Belk | Pearl Bracelet, $45, Lord and Taylor | Kitten Heels, $24, Groupon

The matriarch of the Gilmore clan, Emily Gilmore did not mess around. For your wardrobe, start with a solid color scheme. Though it doesn't have to be black, I recommend a subdued color, to fit Emily's personality. Start with a pencil skirt, add in a modest boatneck blouse, and top it off with a classic cardigan. Then, add in your pearl earrings, and pearl bracelet, and as many other pearl accessories as you can find. And don't forget your sensible kitten heels. Wear an unamused look on your face all night, carry around a cocktail, and ask everyone what time dinner is being served.


Sookie St. James

Chef's Coat, $30, Sur La Table | Cafe Apron, $35, Etsy | Whisk, $15, Selfridges | Dansko Clogs, $50, Nordstrom Rack | Floral Scarf, $2, Dorothy Perkins

A genius and, well, sometimes a trainwreck in the kitchen. What wasn't to love about Sookie St. James? In order to get Sookie's look, you'll need a chef's coat, a trusty cafe apron, and some kitchen utensils, like this whisk that looks like it could get the job done. As anyone who's ever worked in the restaurant industry knows, shoes are key. Grab yourself a pair of Dansko clogs to make yourself seem in-the-know, and don't forget to grab a floral scarf to keep your hair out of your eyes.


Michel Gerard

Pink Oxford, $39, Lord and Taylor | Blue Suit Vest, $50, Amazon | Men's Tie, $18, Belk | Dragonfly Pin, $26, Overstock | Cordless Phone, $35, Very | French Notepad, $5, Lord and Taylor

Answering phones, taking reservations, and always offering Lorelai exactly what she didn't want to hear, Michel Gerard was a staple of Gilmore Girls, and of the Dragonfly Inn.

To get your Michel on, you'll need to dress in a snazzy, well-tailored costume. Always professional yet fashionable, start with a pink oxford, and layer a blue suit vest on top. Michel's look was never complete without a beautiful men's tie, and just for fun, add in a dragonfly pin to signify the fact that for the night, you work at the Dragonfly Inn. Carry around a cordless phone with you all night, pausing in conversation to take reservations, and jotting them down in an appropriate French notepad.


Jess Mariano

Men's Jeans, $33, DC Shoes | Grey T-Shirt, $14, Amazon | Zip Up Hoodie, $20, Amazon | Faux Leather Jacket, $62, ASOS

Resident bad boy Jess Mariano made your heart flutter, didn't he? To get that classic Jess look, all you need is a pair of men's jeans, a grey t-shirt, a zip up hoodie, and a faux leather jacket. Layer appropriately, practice your scowl, and carry around a book you can talk to Rory about all night.


Lorelai Gilmore

Pencil Skirt, $17, Amazon | Ribbed Turtleneck, $36, River Island | Knee-High Boots, $48, Go Jane | Red Scarf, $15, Chico's | Silver Necklace, $8, Amazon

Last, but certainly not least, gather all the caffeine you can and find your inner-Lorelai. Practice your witty retorts, talking a million miles a minute, and whatever you do, don't leave home without your coffee mug.

For Lorelai's classic working-mom early-aughts look, start with a pencil skirt, add in a ribbed turtleneck, and wear a pair of Lorelai's favorite knee-high boots with a chunky heel so you can chase down coffee wherever you smell it. Accessorize yourself with a red scarf, an understated silver necklace.