9 Good Omens To See In Dreams, According To Old Wives Tales

Folklore traditions have found symbolic meaning in dreams for about as long as people have been dreaming. Whether you believe in the truth of these symbols, it's still fun to examine what the weird nighttime thoughts in your head might mean. With this in mind, the good omens to see in dreams, according to old wives' tales, are incredibly fascinating. Animals, plant life, and even weird situations may have very different meanings, at least in these old traditions.

Most of these positive dream omens are from the natural world, and they foretell events such as births, positive health, or changes in fortune. I don't know what to say if you dream about missing a text on your iPhone, or suddenly gaining a thousand new Insta followers, because these old-timey dream traditions don't really cover social media or other tech. (Although I'm sure some modern dream interpreters can do just that.) But there's something pleasant about the focus on the natural world and simple objects in these dream symbols. Perhaps it is easy to find a mystical side to the whole experience of dreaming, which is pretty darn weird when you think about it. Read on to see what those strange things in your dreams just might mean.



Seeing these woodsy emblems in your dream is most likely fortunate. Dreaming about an acorn means you'll soon face a better situation in life, according to dream directory It may predict luck and good health in your future as well.


Threading A Needle

In real life, threading a needle is an exercise in frustration (at least for me). But in the dream world, threading a needle means you're about to make a new friend, according to Dreamlandia. Hey, nothing tops meeting a new buddy.



Increased prosperity and productivity are in your future whenever you dream about honey, according to Dreamatico. If this is true, is there a way to make yourself dream about honey every night?



Is this adorable marsupial hopping through your dreams? It turns out kangaroos may symbolize a pregnancy, according to Astrology Answers. You or a close loved one might welcome a new baby soon.



Dreaming about a swimming fish may also symbolize pregnancy, according to Dreaming and Sleeping. This common old wives' tale is still pretty prevalent, and I've heard about this interpretation many times.



It sounds scary, but having an experience with death in a dream is often a good sign. In fact, dreaming about death tends to symbolize new beginnings and self-discovery, as explained in Dream Moods. It could be a sign of great things to come in your life.


Being Chased

This is another potentially scary dream scenario can actually have a positive twist. Dreaming about being chased may mean that you're trying to break out of old patterns or habits, as explained in Power of Positivity. Maybe you're about to undergo some exciting changes in your personal or professional life.


Butterfly Landing On You

This is probably one of the most pleasant things to see in a dream. And if you do happen to dream that a butterfly lands on you, then take it as an omen of joy, as noted in Moth Symbolism. Maybe you're in an especially joyous phase of life, or you're about to enter one. Whatever the case, enjoy you encounter with this beautiful dream insect.


Full Moon

You can feel happy if this lunar object shows up in your dreams. As it turns out, dreaming about a full moon could mean that you're totally content and fulfilled with your life at the moment, according to Journey Into Dreams. Hopefully you'll have pleasant dreams tonight, whatever omens they may bring.

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