Your STEM-Obsessed Tot Will Love These 9 Gorgeous Picture Books

If you're a parent, you're probably met with questions about the whats and the whys of our universe on a daily basis. Kids notice everything, and it's your job as a mom to nurture your little one's love of discovery. Encouraging them by providing answers is one way to help, but you probably don't know everything, which is why I'm so glad picture books about science exist. There are tons of informational and beautiful picture books about every facet of science, and Romper has the lowdown on some of the best.

You can find an awesome picture book on almost any subject these days, especially in the scientific world. Little learners can journey to the moon, to a dinosaur dig site, underwater, or back in time, all between the pages of a book. And not only are these books full of facts, so many are gorgeous to look at, with bright colors that will keep your kiddos entertained for hours. Sure, you could plop them in front of the tv when you need a little time to yourself, but you'll probably feel better about handing them a stack of educational and fun books instead. Check out these nine options, and get excited for all the low-key learning your kids are about to do.


'This Little Scientist: A Discovery Primer' by Joan Holub, illustrated by Daniel Roode

This Little Scientist by Joan Holub ($7.99, Simon and Schuster)

A science book for the youngest readers, this one gives a glimpse into what made Newton and Goodall such important discoverers. This little board book will encourage the curiosity your kids inherently possess.


'The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding The World's Coral Reefs' by Kate Messner, illustrated by Matthew Forsythe

The Brilliant Deep by Kate Messner, illustrated by Matthew Forsythe ($17.99, IndieBound)

The process of restoring and rebuilding coral reefs is fascinating, and Messner's book captures the beauty of coral while really hitting home the fact that we all need to do our part to ensure that this important ecosystem sticks around for future generations.


'The Bluest Of Blues: Anna Atkins And The First Book Of Photographs' by Fiona Robinson

The Bluest Of Blues by Fiona Robinson, coming February 2019 ($17.99, IndieBound)

Anna Atkins was a botanist and artist. She used cyanotype to catalogue the plants she collected, and the illustrations are just as beautiful as Atkins's originals. This book is truly a celebration of the places where art and science intersect.


'Moth' by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Daniel Egnéus

Moth by Isabel Thomas ($14.97, Barnes and Noble)

This one doesn't release in the states until June 2019, but it's well worth the wait. As the world changes with human advancement, moths have adapted. Check out the freaking magical book trailer.


'Chilly Da Vinci' by J. Rutland

Chilly da Vinci by J. Rutland ($17.95, Simon and Schuster)

A celebration of perseverance and scientific discovery, this story about a plucky penguin's failed inventions will encourage young readers to approach science and discovery with grit. The author's note discusses Leonardo da Vinci, who was no stranger to failed inventions.


'One Day A Dot: The Story Of You, The Universe, And Everything' by Ian Lendler, art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb

One Day A Dot by Ian Lendler ($17.99, Macmillan)

I know a mother shouldn't have a favorite child, but, guys, I love this book the best. Sorry, other books. This one breaks the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution down into its most basic components; the illustrations are a delight; and the writing is straightforward but dynamic. This one will be sure to spark many, many fun scientific discussions.


'Power Up: Your Incredible, Spectacular, Supernova Body' by Seth Fishman, illustrated by Isabel Greenberg

Power Up by Seth Fishman, (preorder $17.99, HarperCollins)

A super engaging look into the energy our bodies hold and use, Power Up is sure to inspire young readers about their own potential. Crammed with amazing facts and bold illustrations, this is an energetic read, as a book about all things kinetic should be.


'Titanosaur: Discovering The World's Largest Dinosaur' by Dr. José Luis Carballido and Dr. Diego Pol, illustrated by Florencia Gigena

Titanosaur by Dr. Carballido and Dr. Pol ($18.99, Barnes & Noble)

If you have a future paleontologist in your midst, this book is a must. Not only can you learn about this huge dinosaur, you learn about the scientists who discovered it, and what that process was like.


'Earthrise: Apollo 8 And The Photo That Changed The World' by James Gladstone, illustrated by Christy Lundy

Earthrise by James Gladstone ($19.99, OwlKids)

Crack open any book about our planet, and you can see it as you see it from space: a lovely spinning globe of green, blue and white. This book celebrates the first time humans got to see the Earth in this way, so budding astronauts will love the information on the Apollo 8 mission.


'Polly Diamond And The Magic Book,' by Alice Kuipers, illustrated by Diana Toledano

Polly Diamond and the Magic Book by Alice Kuipers ($14.99, Chronicle Books)

Polly's life turns upside when she finds a book that makes everything she writes come true. Polly's certainty that she's about to make her dreams reality comes crashing down when she realizes words and meaning aren't always the same, but the adventure is still oodles of fun anyway. Your growing reader will love this illustrated chapter book.