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9 Graphic Novels To Read Before They Make It To The Screen


Does your reading list need a little more pop? Try adding in some graphic novels. Writers and artists have done some amazing work in the medium, and even Hollywood and TV execs have taken notice. With the recent huge successes of films based on comic book heroes, it’s not surprising that other graphic novels are slated to make their live-action debut. So here are some graphic novels to read before they become movies or TV shows. It’s still a good idea to read the book first, even when it’s illustrated.

And even if comic books aren’t your bag, there are graphic novels that will appeal to any taste. Whether you’re into historical intrigue, biopics, or zany action stories, there is sure to be something that will appeal to your tastes. It will make your next trip to the movies (or Netflix binge session) that much richer.  

Some of these shows and movies are just about to debut, while others are still in the development phases. This means you have plenty of time to catch up on any of these reads. Ranging from the deeply thoughtful to the outright silly, these stories — and their gorgeous illustrations — are well worth your time.

1'Officer Downe' by Joe Casey & Chris Burnham

If you like twisted reads with plenty of violence, then Officer Downe by Joe Casey & Chris Burnham is for you. This story has vivid, detailed art, plenty of action, and an undead super-cop.

Film Release: June 2016

2'Batman: The Killing Joke' by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland

Batman and The Joker face off in Alan Moore & Brian Bolland's Batman: The Killing Joke. It's a fascinating study of insanity, crime, and the heroes who try to fight it. The R-rated film will play in select theaters on Monday, July 25, and it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in August.

Film Release: July 2016

3'The Coldest City' by Antony Johnston & Sam Hart

Set in 1989, The Coldest City by Antony Johnston & Sam Hart involves a bit of espionage that takes place right before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Keep track of all the double-crosses that crop up when a British intelligence agent arrives in Berlin and strives to find out who ended the life of her colleague.

Film Release: August 2017

4'Andre The Giant: Closer to Heaven' by Denis Medri & Brandon Easton

Did you know that graphic novels can serve as an excellent medium for biographies? Andre The Giant: Closer to Heaven by Denis Medri & Brandon Easton profiles the fascinating man who wowed the pro wrestling world, fought a legendary match against Hulk Hogan, and played the gentle giant Fezzik in 1987's The Princess Bride.

Film Release: TBD

5'The Empire Of A Thousand Planets' by Pierre Christin & Jean-Claude Mezieres

Join Valerian and Laureline as they explore whether the Syrte, which contains a thousand worlds, presents any danger to Earth. The Empire of a Thousand Planets by Pierre Christin & Jean-Claude Mezieres is an adventurous graphic novel sure to thrill.

Film Release: July 2017

6'Iron Fist' by Chris Claremont, John Byrne & Larry Hamma

Set in the same world as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Iron Fist by Chris Claremont, John Byrne & Larry Hamma follows a martial arts star whose punch packs a tremendous amount of power. According to IMDb, there is an upcoming Netflix series based on the comics.

TV Series Debut: 2017

7'Ronin' by Frank Miller

If you were a fan of 300 or Sin City, then Frank Miller's Ronin is certain to catch your interest. Get sucked in to this story of a 13th century Samurai who gets reborn into a future version of New York City — where he must fight the current incarnation of the demon who murdered his master.

TV Series Debut: 2017

8'Outcast' by Robert Kirkman

Good news for fans of The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman's Outcast is also slated to become a television series. Follow Kyle Barnes as he tries to understand why demons seem so pulled toward him.

TV Series Debut: June 2016

9'Sex Criminals' by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

The heroes of Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals have a singular superpower: they can stop time by having sex. If knowing innuendos are your cup of tea, then you'll probably love this book.  

TV Series Debut: TBD