9 Gross Things Everyone Does When Going To The Bathroom

In the age of oversharing, one part of life has remained blessedly private: the bathroom. Basically, whatever you do in there is your business. That said, it can be reassuring to know the gross things everyone does when going to the bathroom that are totally normal. If you frequently feel embarrassed about things no one even knows you do, then this should help you feel a bit more at ease.

To be honest, you probably spend more time on the toilet than you realize. In fact, most people go to the bathroom around six or seven times a day, according to the Bladder & Bowel Community. It adds up over time. Basically, you have lots of time and opportunity to get weird in the bathroom.

As far as I can tell, pretty much nothing is off-limits in the bathroom. I mean, that's kind of the point of the room, really. You go in there so others don't see you urinate, blow your nose, or do any other embarrassing thing. So whether you fiddle with your phone or examine body parts that never see the light of day, you're not alone. Read on to learn what weird stuff everyone does on the toilet — just be sure to wash your hands afterward.


Check The Color Of Your Pee

This habit is actually a great way to monitor your health. If your pee is a pale yellow color, you're probably hydrated and healthy, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Darker hues may point to dehydration or infection, which means you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.


Complete Other Gross Tasks

Multitasking takes place everywhere, even the bathroom. Some people use the time to blow their nose, clear their throat, or pick at a blemish. There's something to be said for completing all of your grody tasks together at once.


Do A Sniff Test

Have you recently switched deodorants, and want to make sure the newcomer is living up to its full potential? The bathroom is the best place to make sure your body odor is not getting overripe. Chances are, you aren't going to do a pit sniff in the middle of your coworkers, no matter how chill the office environment.


Examine Your Privates

Maybe you glance over the skin to make sure there aren't any ingrown hairs or other blemishes going on. Maybe you take time for a much closer inspection. Hey, it's right in front of you, so why not make sure everything appears normal?


Experience Pee Shivers

This is far from the grossest thing out there, but it can be a bit weird. Shivering when you pee is pretty normal, although there is not a ton of scientific research on this particular topic, according to Buzzfeed. But plenty of people get that little shake while peeing.


Fart While Peeing

Do you let one out every time you pee? There's a medical-ish reason that happens. Because you relax the pelvic floor muscles to pee, this can cause the rectum to relax too, letting a fart escape, according to the website for Women's Health. The pee fart is a real thing.


Play On Your Phone

Is your phone a constant bathroom buddy? It's normal. According to The Marketing Scope, somewhere between 38 to 75 percent of people habitually browse their phone from the toilet. Getting clear data about this particular tendency may be tough (who wants to answer that survey?), but apparently tons of people do it. Instagramming from the crapper is a common hobby.


Enjoy Your Own Farts

Do you like the smell of your own farts? It's common. According to HuffPost, people prefer the smell of their own farts because it's a familiar thing. You're more accustomed to your own expulsions than anyone else's. Even in blind smell tests, people prefer their own unique blend, as further explained by HuffPost.


Think About What To Eat Later

Sure, it's the absolute worst place to contemplate your next meal. Sometimes, though, a bathroom break is the only time your mind gets to wander. And a wandering mind often winds up in a plate of pasta primavera.