9 Habits Of Busy Couples Who Still Fit In Sex

Busyness can be unavoidable, and making time for everything often feels like a job in and of itself. Add to your own schedule the busy life of your partner, and you have yourself a matrix of timelines and to-do lists. Sometimes all this hustling can make you want to eliminate sex from the list, because it seems frivolous and work is a priority. But don't erase sweet lovin' from your list so fast. Instead, try adopting some of the habits of busy couples who still fit in sex. Once you do, you'll wonder why you ever thought you didn't have time for this in the first place.

Even the most over-scheduled person can find the time to get their groove on. The key is to keep the fun alive and not make sex into a formal sit-down planning session, where days and times are logged into calendars with accompanying reminder alerts. Stay playful and creative in your approach to sex, and you will start to see more more chances to get a little booty, schedules be damned.

If you think your life is too hectic to have more sex, I encourage you to consider these nine ways every busy couple can get more action, more often.


Use Your Imagination

If there's one thing busy people love, it's sticking to a schedule. To amp-up your sex life, schedule a fantasy encounter, as described in four steps by Redbook magazine. Not only does this give you time to connect with your partner, it encourages you to look at sex in some different ways and bring something new into the bedroom. Feel free to let your freaky deaky flag fly.


Get A Room

Eliminate the distractions of home and meet at a local hotel. If you're super busy, make it a nooner and order room service for lunch before you head back to the office.


Hit The Showers

If you have time to shower, you have time for an orgasm. Steam things up more than the hot water with some shower sex. But remember — it's slippery in there, so consider some sex positions for shower sex that will keep you safe.


Let Your T-Shirt Do The Talking

Not all sexy wear need be complicated lingerie. Let your partner know you're in the mood but putting on something playful, such as this Charged Up shirt ($24) from Big City MFG. I think wearing this to bed will make your intentions clear. Chances are, just seeing it in your drawer will give you a little tingle.


Have A Quickie

Some days you just have to fit sex in when you can. First thing in the morning, before a night out, or when your insomnia kicks in at 3 amm. Don't underestimate the fun of an old fashioned quickie every now and then.


Make A Spicy List

Grab a pen and paper and get busy on a sexy bucket list. You and your SO will look forward to crossing items off the list (and probably continue to add new ones as you go).


Ignore The Chores

Sometimes you have to let the laundry go in the name of an orgasm. You won't regret putting off doing the dishes once you've had a good roll in the sheets. All those chores will be there tomorrow, so have a little fun today.


Get Wordy

If you're busy schedule has you strapped for time on foreplay, try a little steamy sexting. Cosmopolitan suggests painting a picture with your words instead of sending pictures. This leaves more to the imagination and builds up the sexual tension.


Don't Add Pressure

Don't get so wrapped up in scheduling sex that it looses it's fun factor. Take the pressure off and agree that — due to busy schedules — sex may not happen as often as you'd like. Just because it's that way right now, doesn't mean it will stay the same forever. All things have their seasons.