9 Habits Of Couples Who Cheat

Relationships can be amazing sometimes. When the love is there and the love is true, there's nothing that you can't accomplish with your partner. The feeling of being with the right person is one that can't be replaced and one everyone wants to feel. No matter how good the relationship can feel, however, if a significant other is displaying habits of couples who cheat, you should pay attention.

I never thought I would be in a relationship where the partner cheated, especially in my last relationship. But thinking back on certain things that my ex did now, though, there were definitely habits that I should have taken notice of. At first, everything was great, but as time passed, things started to change. From hiding his phone to becoming defensive over small things, I should have realized that he was cheating. When you're in love though, you overlook certain things with the hopes that they'll get better and sort themselves out. Unfortunately though, it doesn't always work out like that.

Although it may suck to experience the habits of a cheater, once you're privy to them, you'll be able to address them sooner. So, if you need a little help identifying any of the habits, here are nine to get you started.


They Have A Lot Of Fake Names In Their Phone

According to The Richest, cheating couples have a tendency to have a lot of fake names in their phones. Changing the name to a friend or creating the name of the opposite sex of your partner is one way to cover up your affair.


They're Always On Their Phone

According to Bustle, if couples are always on their phone, they could be cheating. Additionally, if the call log and text messages are clean, that's a sign that there is cheating going on, too.


They Use Cash When Making Purchases

Nowadays, most people choose to use plastic when shopping. If your spouse randomly converts over to using cash every chance they get, it's likely that they are hiding something. When paying with cash, there is no way that you'll be able to track their trail.


They Use Their Friends As A Cover Up

Another habit of couples who cheat is that they use their friends as a cover up, as noted in the aforementioned article from The Richest. Instead of using the "working late" excuse, most cheaters have one trusty friend that will cover their tracks and keep them from getting caught.


They Put More Effort Into Looking Better

According to Livestrong, if your lover is cheating, they will put more effort into looking better. A new love interest will inspire you to look your best and stay fit.


They Try To Use Reverse Psychology

According to HuffPost, when your partner is cheating in your relationship, they will try to use reverse psychology on you. For example, if they are doing sneaky things, they will try to accuse you of doing the same.


They Visit The Gym More Frequently

Your Tango noted that taking more trips to the gym is a habit of couples who cheat, too. Doing this could mean that they are trying to keep their appearance up for their new lover or working on keeping their stamina up.


They Lie About Everything

According to Marie Claire, couples who cheat lie about everything. Not only do those who cheat lie about another person, they become comfortable with lying about other things, too. So, if your spouse lies consistently about whatever topic they can, they are most likely cheating.


They Are Always Defensive

Power of Positivity noted that those who cheat are always on the defense. Instead of taking criticism or conversations from their partner as constructive or seeking understanding, they'd rather become defensive and point fingers.