9 Hacks To Get You Ready In 5 Minutes So You Sleep In Without Worry

Everyone has experienced that special feeling of panic that sets in when the alarm goes off and—ahh!—you only have a few minutes to get your butt out the door. Try as you might to prevent it, it’s impossible to predict just when your alarm is accidentally going to be set to PM or when you’re going to forget to tap it to be “on.” (Unless, of course, you have a huge presentation at work. Then it will definitely be on that day.) This is why hacks to get you ready in five minutes are not only useful, but totally necessary, as there is no one on the planet that doesn’t have a day or two where they have to rush themselves out to grab the bus in the nick of time.

There are plenty of clever ways to prep yourself for those inevitable mornings that the clock is working against you in the worst way possible. Whether it has to do with figuring out a quicker way to put on makeup, get dressed, eat breakfast, or get your stuff together for the day, there are some interesting methods out there that’ll calm down the madness of any morning, no matter how rushed. So prevent a total meltdown on those days when you can’t even get just an extra minute to get ready with a few genius ways of prepping yourself in a flash.


Clean Your Hair With Dry Shampoo

For mornings when taking a shower is out of the question, giving your hair a quick refresh with some dry shampoo is just the thing to bring it back to life.


Wash Your Face With Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover wipes are a face cleanser that takes only a few seconds and act like a godsend for rushed mornings.


Memorize Your Minimal Makeup Routine

Have a makeup routine that only requires a few key products. Foundation plus mascara, or moisturizer with blush and lip gloss—whatever you need to get yourself looking presentable with as little makeup as possible. If you feel the need, bring your other products with you in your purse to apply later once you've made it out the door.


Check The Forecast On Your Phone

As soon as you realize, with horror, what time it is, immediately check the weather. This will quickly inform your outfit for the day before you get out of bed.


Break Out Your Reliable Go-To Outfit

Whether it’s dress, tights and a cardigan, or a sweater, jeans, and booties, you don’t have time to work out the style math for more interesting combinations. Just stick to what you know works without even having to think about it.


Get Displays For Your Accessories

Hanging earrings on a jewelry stand will prevent you from wasting time digging around for that other stud. Same goes for scarves and purses.


Have Grab-and-Go Breakfasts On Hand

Although a home-cooked breakfast is always ideal, you'll want those back up freezer breakfast burritos handy for a morning like this.


Get A Keurig

If you think you can function without caffeine on a rushed morning, you're brave. A Keurig or other quick coffee maker will prevent you from having to stop by Starbucks in the morning.


Repeat This Mantra Before Closing The Door: Keys. Wallet. Phone.

And insert any other non-negotiable items you have to have on your person before you leave. This will make it impossible for you to forget the necessary basics before rushing out the door, and is an especially important habit to get into for crazed mornings where you're going full-stop.

Images: Daxiao Productions/Fotolia; Giphy (9)