9 Hacks To Heal Chapped Lips, Because Winter Is Coming

When the weather starts to cool down, there's nothing worse than having to deal with dry, flaky lips. As much as I love the fall months — the fashion and beauty choices are the best this time of year — chapped lips put a damper on the mood. I mean, who can really wear a burgundy lip with flaky or cracked skin? Totally not cute. In those moments though, that's when I begin to search for hacks to heal chapped lips and pray that I can catch it early enough so that the process doesn't take forever.

I'm pretty sure that any woman can relate to the fact that chapped lips do not go well with those cute booties and flowing sweater, but they are especially unflattering under a nice lipstick. Although I know matte lipstick is one that dries out your lips if you use it continuously, it's even more difficult to put it on when your lips are already chapped. Even when I put chapstick on first, chapped lips make it utterly impossible to wear matte lipstick until my lips have healed entirely.

If you're looking for a way to heal your chapped lips so that you can slay your matte this fall, these nine hacks will help you get there.

1Try A New Toothpaste


According to Shape, trying a new toothpaste that's natural could help with the peeling of your lips that occurs when you use synthetic flavored pastes.

2Use An Antibiotic Ointment


Livestrong noted that using an antibiotic ointment on your lips if they are chapped or cracked is needed, because cracks are prone to bacterial infection.

3Cover Your Lips


Just as you would cover your hands and feet, WebMD noted that you should be covering your lips with a scarf, too — especially when your lips are chapped. By doing this, you are keeping them from drying out more.

4Avoid Citrus


Shape also noted that avoiding acidic fruits while your lips are chapped will help them heal as the juice could sting and lead to more flaking.

5Increase Your Fluid Intake


Chapped lips can also be healed by increasing your fluid intake, according to Livestrong. Drinking more water locks in the moisture to your lips.

6Don't Exfoliate


Though you should exfoliate to prevent chapped lips, if your lips are already cracked or chapped, you should not be exfoliating, WebMD noted. By doing so, you can cause further damage to your lips.

7Don't Bite Your Lips


According to Vaseline's official website, you should avoid biting your lips to remove flake skin. If you do this, you will expose your skin to germs and bacteria and prolong the healing process.

8Stay Away From From Flavored Lip Balms


Buzzfeed noted that flavored lips balms can irritate the skin, slowing down the healing process. Instead, use a non-fragrant balm while your lips are badly chapped.

9See A Dermatologist


If you've gotten to the point where your lips are continuously flaky, dry, or chapped, you may want to see your dermatologist. Your issue may be more intense than it seems and you could be allergic to a beauty product that you are using.