9 Hacks To Help You Keep Your Resolutions

With the New Year almost here, resolutions are at the top of people's mind. As much as I think New Year's resolutions are a positive thing, others don't put as much stock in them. Most of the opposition toward them have to do with people's inability to follow through with them after the first few weeks of January. But once you have a few hacks to help you keep your New Year's resolutions all year long, you'll be able to see the beauty of New Year's resolutions.

When it comes to having resolutions, I take it kind of easy. (Think resolutions you can accomplish in a day.) During my college years, I'd get together with my friends and make a long list of things we hoped to accomplish throughout the year and then review them before the next year began. When I looked at my list and noticed that none of the things were accomplished, I realized resolutions work best when they're realistic and patiently executed. Although it's OK to aim high, finding realistic ways to ensure you nail your resolutions by end's time is the key to staying consistent throughout the year.

So, if you're in need of a few hacks to keep your resolutions going every day of 2017, these nine are some you should jot down for your records.


Pick A Start Date

When it comes to resolutions, the hardest part it getting started. Sometimes, starting on the first of the year isn't as realistic as it seems, so set a date that's realistic, prepare yourself, and get started. Also, try setting milestone dates throughout the year to see how far you've come is a good option, too.


Get An Accountability Partner

Whether you're going to the gym, eating better, or just putting yourself to bed earlier each night, having an accountability partner is a great way to ensure you keep your resolution. By having an accountability partner, you have someone on your side to remind you of both your what and your why.


Tackle One Resolution At A Time

WebMD noted that tackling one resolution at a time is a good way to keep your resolutions going throughout the year. You only have a certain amount of energy and time each day, so don't overexert yourself trying to change everything at once.


Start Small

According to the American Psychological Association, starting small helps you keep your resolution moving in the New Year. Instead of fully converting over to being a vegan, try moving into being a vegetarian first. Baby steps.


Track Your Progress

Forbes noted that you should track your progress to keep yourself going. Once you're able to measure how far you've come and where you're going, you'll be able to improve.


Talk About It

Though you don't have to discuss every resolution you make, letting your friends and family in on the resolution you may have the most issues with could be a good thing. By doing this, you'll receive support, motivation, and accountability from those you love and respect the most.


Write It Down

According to Everyday Health, writing down your New Year's resolutions can be a huge help. By posting your goals in a place that you'll be able to see them clearly on a daily basis, you'll eventually embed them in your mind and want to succeed at them.


Let Yourself Fail

I've learned from experience that letting yourself fail at resolutions is a good thing. When people become discouraged from lack of progress or consistency with resolutions, they tend to give up. Give yourself a little wiggle room and be OK with finding another route if the one you've planned to go on doesn't work out the first time around.


Be Patient

Probably the most important hack when it comes to having resolutions is having patience. Everything — no matter what the resolution is — takes time to achieve. So, give yourself time to create that gym routine and give yourself time to get that new job. It'll all come with your persistency and consistency.