9 Hacks To Prevent Chapped Lips, Which Put A Damper On Your Day

With the warmth of summer fading away, the only thing that can be expected next are the cool breezes of fall and winter. Though I'm a huge fan of both seasons, one thing that gets me down during those months are the endless days and nights of dry, cracked lips. Being that I live in a state where the weather can get pretty frightful from November to February, I always have to know a few hacks to prevent chapped lips.

To me, there's honestly nothing worse than having flaky, dry, and cracked lips. No matter how many times you try to lick them, it's never enough. I had to learn that there are different ways to keep your lips moisturized when in the cold weather — especially if losing your chapstick on the regular is something that occurs. Although I'm the queen at using petroleum jelly when I misplace my tube of chapstick, I had no idea that there were so many other ways to keep my lips from becoming chapped and dried out.

If you're not good at keeping your chapstick or lip balm handy like me, keeping these nine hacks by your side will benefit you more than you know.


Stay Hydrated

According to Shape, staying hydrated prevents chapped lips. It also keeps your skin looking nice, too.



Prevention noted that exfoliating your lips is a great way to prevent them from being chapped. You can do this by gently scrubbing your lips with your toothbrush after you brush your teeth in the mornings. Don't forget to apply a balm immediately after to lock in the moisture.


Apply Some Type Of Oil

Adding oils like almond, jojoba or olive, are known to renew chapped lips, too, according to Livestrong.


4 Stop Licking Them

Hello! magazine, noted that licking your lips actually dries them out more because it strips them of their natural oils. Try using a lip balm or moisturizer instead.


Choose A Lip Balm Over A Lip Wax

According to StyleCaster, chapped lips heal better with a lip balm — like those from eos ($4) — opposed to a lip wax because it supplies more moisture.


Apply Aloe Vera

On the days that I can't find my lip balm, I opt to use aloe vera to keep my from becoming chapped. Healthline noted that because the plant thrives in dry, unstable climates, aloe vera's ability to store water helps with keeping your skin hydrated.


Avoid Spicy Foods

According to Hello! magazine, straying away from foods that are spicy and citrus-based will help keep your lips from becoming chapped. These types of foods are said to dry your lips out more.


Set A Cucumber Over Your Lips

StyleCaster noted that using thin layers of cucumbers over your lips for five minutes helps to rehydrate your lips, too.


Use A Humidfier

Do you own a humidifier? If not, you may want to consider getting one. The Mayo Clinic noted that having a humidifier helps soothe lips that become chapped from dry, indoor air.