9 Hairstyles For The Office That Are So Corporate Chic

by Lindsay E. Mack

Your hairstyle for the office has to fit a lot of criteria. It has to look professional, stay out of your way, and not require constant upkeep. That’s a lot of pressure for your locks. Fortunately, there are a number of classy, office-appropriate hairstyles that don’t take too much time from your morning routine and go beyond the slicked-back ponytail.

Of course, when it comes to hairdos, one style does not necessarily fit all workplaces. As much as you may want to bust out the pastel hair chalk, magical mermaid hair, or '90s butterfly clips during the 9 to 5 grind, certain hairstyles may not be deemed appropriate for certain offices. A banker, for example, may have a drastically different do than a tattoo shop owner. (If not, sounds like you work for one kickass bank.) Luckily, most styles should fit in with the majority of office environments, and you can always make adjustments to suit your particular workplace’s dress code. (Cue flashbacks to certain schools and their policies against distracting hairstyles.)

To liven up your work look, here are eight chic, sleek hairstyles for any office environment. These super simple styles will give you a little creative outlet during the workweek.


Low Chignon

The epitome of office-appropriate, a low chignon will keep the hair out of your face so you can focus on taking care of business. From the most buttoned-up corporate office to the laid-back startup, the chignon is always appropriate. Like this bun from Nicol Artistry? Try out these many variations on the chignon to keep your bun anything but basic.


Side Braids

Pretty side braids aren’t just for festival season. While you may want to leave the flower crown at home, there are plenty of ways to adapt this gorgeous style to the office. If this look leaves your fingers flustered, you can learn how to French braid your hair in six easy steps.


Advanced Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-up ,half-down hairdo is another classic look that can work at almost every office. You can even rock a braid with this style to give it an extra twist.


Pretty Clip

If your hair is exceptionally long, a strong, pretty hair clip is an easy way to keep the hair off your neck without using to an arsenal of bobby pins. You can even keep one in your purse if you need a quick updo during the day.


Classic Headband

From pixie cuts to waist-length locks, nearly every hair length looks good with a headband. This is another easy way to keep your mane under control with minimal effort, and there are many ways to sport a headband and channel your inner Gossip Girl. For a more formal office environment, you might opt for a classic houndstooth or herringbone pattern.


Half Back

Pulling half of your hair back is a great way to stay polished without tons of effort. You can jazz it up a little with braids or curls. Feeling fancy? Add a twist.


Braided Waves

Gotta love bun waves! I embrace any hairstyle whose prep work can be done the night before. Bonus: No heat damage or futzing with a curling rod while you’re still half-asleep.


French Twist

Classic! The French twist is another one of those looks that just work everywhere, from the boardroom to cocktail hour. It’s feminine and fierce at the same time, making it perfect for the working woman.


9. Top Knot

Even the most organized person faces those morning where time is just not on your side, and even a 5-minute hairstyle is not going to happen. Or maybe the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse and demolishes your do during the commute. For those days, it’s nice to fall back on the trusty topknot. And here are some tips to make that topknot perfect every time.

Images: Courtesy of Maegan Tintari, Sonya Benham, Bart Everson, Maegan Tintari, Alex, Mary Sue, Holly Lay / Flickr; nicol_artistry, butterflystudiosalon, infinityheadbands /Instagram