9 Health Benefits Of Orgasms That You Probably Didn't Know About

No one needs to be informed or reminded that having an orgasm is an enjoyable thing. But it turns out that there are more positive aspect of a climax, aside from experiencing pure physical bliss. As if you need an excuse to feel good about feeling good, there are actually many health benefits of having an orgasm. You probably already know a few of the awesome things that can accompany a self-love session or passionate encounter. For many, whether the orgasm comes from one's own doing or from a sexual partner, it can instantly flip your mood around into feeling more positive.

And apparently, there's no real wrong time to engage in this experience either. Some women ignore their sexual needs during menstruation, but there's no reason to shy away from the wonderful world of toe-curling orgasms just because you're on your period. A major health benefit is that orgasms can relieve cramps and the kind of pain associated with menstruating, according to Bustle. I mean, who wouldn't want to feel better during the yuckiest time of the month, right? So if I haven't piqued your interest with this info just yet, then read on below to find out some of the amazing benefits you probably didn't know orgasms had.


They Help You Sleep Better

Certified sex therapist Lou Paget told Self that orgasms produce oxytocin and other happy endorphins which can have a sedative affect on your brain and provide a night of relaxation and rest.


They Reduce Pain

Whether it's menstrual cramps or just a headache after a long day at work, you might want to pull out the vibrator before popping a pill. Cindy M. Meston, director of the sexual psychophysiology laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, told Women's Health Magazine that hormones which closely resemble morphine act as pain relief when you have an orgasm.


They Help Stave Off Depression

This one involves having contact with semen, so it's kind of specific to having a cis male partner. But Jennifer Bass, the head of information services at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction shared with NBC News that a recent study showed fewer signs of depression in women who absorbed certain proteins of semen through their vagina.


They Boost Your Immune System

I'm not a huge science expert, but thankfully others are. In a study conducted by the Department of Medical Psychology at The University of Essen in Germany, researchers came to the conclusion that, "components of the innate immune system are activated by orgasm." Vitamin O, anyone?


They Increase Self-Esteem

That little jolt to your confidence after achieving climax isn't just in your head. It turns out there is actual data that shows orgasms can improve your self-esteem, according to Psych Central .


They Can Shorter Your Period

Orgasms don't just relieve pain during that time of the month. Apparently it can even reduce how long your period lasts. Meston told ABC News that the contractions you experience when you have an orgasm can draw out the blood and tissue your period is attempting to expel. So, less material to get out means a shorter period!


They Make You Creative

You might be surprised to find out that there are real, measurable effects on your brain when you've experienced an orgasm. In a study done at Rutgers University, MRI scans showed that orgasms increase blood flow an activity to the entire brain.


They Make You Stronger

Hilda Hutcherson, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University, told Women's Health Magazine that an orgasm can burn between eighty-five to two hundred and fifty calories and when the muscles in your abs, back, and legs contract during orgasm, they're getting a mini-workout.


They Protect Your Heart

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good sexual encounter (whether with someone or solo). Paget told Self that getting your blood rushing is good for your heart and orgasms also reduce blood pressure in women.