9 Health Issues You Had No Idea Your Gynecologists Could Help You With

I don't know about you, but when I think about gynecologists, I consider them to be laser focused on lady parts only. But it turns out my gyno knows more than I give her credit for, and there are many health issues you had no idea your gynecologists could help you with. It's nice to know that the person I trust to probe and poke around my under carriage is also the person I can call if I am having trouble sleeping. But it seems my gynecologist is able to help me with lots of issues that I would have considered seeing another doctor for.

Let's be honest, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to talk about certain medical concerns. I mean, bringing up poop problems with a stranger sounds like a form of medieval torture to me. It's comforting to know you can stick with someone you trust when experiencing issues you may not want to discuss with a new doctor or specialist. So make sure you take advantage of all that knowledge your gynecologist is storing and save the gory details for your next appointment.

Make the most of your annual visit and discuss some of these health issues you had no idea your gyno could help you with, but totally can.


Bone Health

If you suffer from osteoporosis, or have been experiencing symptoms that can lead to this condition, your gynecologist can help. According to the Women's Health and Education Center, "gynecologists play a major role in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis." Make sure to bring up this topic at your next visit if you are concerned.


Sleep Issues

The reason you're tossing and turning could be linked to your lady hormones. As the Sleep Foundation pointed out, factors such as menstrual cycle and pregnancy can affect your sleep. Your gyno can help you balance your hormones so you'll snooze better each night.


Lack Of Orgasms

When the Os just won't happen, there could be a medical reason. According to Women's Health magazine, a gynecologist can help get to the bottom of why you're having trouble orgasming, and knows which type of underlying problems to look for.


Thyroid Problems

Hormones can be tricky, and symptoms may not always be easy to diagnose. As Prevention magazine pointed out, sometimes gynecological symptoms, like changes in your menstrual cycles can mask a thyroid problem. You doctor can help you sift through the symptoms to determine if your thyroid is to blame.


Sore Nipples

Nipples are sensitive by nature, since they are made of thousands of nerve endings. But as Shape magazine pointed out, birth control pills, your period, and changes in hormones can cause your nipples to be extra sore. Talk to your gyno about how you can manage the factors that cause sore nipples, so you can have relief from this condition.



If you're experiencing signs of depression, you maybe surprised that your gyn0 can help. Commonly, gynecologists mostly treat postpartum depression, according to the New York Times, but they can write prescriptions for anti-depressants and make referrals to therapists as well.


Overactive Bladder

If anatomy is not your strong suit (like me) you may not realize that the female reproductive organs can play a role in bladder problems. But as Healthline pointed out, gynecologists can help with overactive bladder since they understand how pelvic floor muscles, hormones, and reproductive organs effect the way your bladder works.



Much like helping to treat depression, gynecologists are prepared to help you deal with anxiety, according to The Global Library of Women's Medicine. Many factors can play into what is causing the anxiety, and your gyno may hold the key to unlock some answers.


Bowel Problems

Gynecologist are more diverse than you're led to believe. According to Everyday Health, bowel problems may be related to pelvic floor issues, which is something your gyno is trained to help you with.