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9 Horror Books That Are OK For Kids To Read

During my childhood, my mom often had to monitor my reading. Not because I would attempt to read books that were inappropriate for me on purpose, but because I was such an advanced reader that I was always looking for the next challenge. There was always something about a chapter book that told me a mysterious story that always got my respect over any other type of novel. Since books with a mysterious and scary tone were my thing, my mom was always in search of horror books that were OK for kids to read.

I loved books and ,quite honestly, I still do. If you were to ask my mom what's one thing that she couldn't get me to not do as a child, it had to have been to stop reading. I would always look at the scene from Beauty and the Beast and tell her that when I grew up, I wanted my library to be just like Belle's. Though today's children may opt a smart tablet based book instead of a physical copy, nothing will ever compare to the smell of a brand new horror book.

Finding appropriate books for kids can be difficult. If you're having a little trouble finding the right ones, these nine titles can be a good start.


'My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish' by Mo O'hara

As a school coordinator for a reading program, My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish was very popular with my elementary aged students.

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'Goosebumps' by R.L. Stein

A series of books that became popular in the '90s, the exposure of R.L. Stein's creepy mind through each Goosebumps book will give your kids all the chills and thrills they're looking for.

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'Coraline' by Neil Gaiman

A twisted, dark fantasy novel, Coraline became so popular that it was adapted into a major film.

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'Uncle Montague's Tales Of Terror' by Chris Priestley

Filled with spine-tingling and riveting twists and turns, Chris Priestley's Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror will have your child questioning the secret family stories that they've heard.

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'The Witches' by Roald Dahl

Over the years, novelist Roald Dahl has grown to be one of the most respected writers for children. Though James and the Giant Peach and Matilda have become one the most known novels written by Dahl, The Witches supplies children with the task of expanding their imagination.

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'The Dollhouse Murders' by Betty Ren Wright

Reserved for children in grades fourth through sixth, Betty Ren Wright's 1983 novel The Dollhouse Murders is still up to date with its thrilling plot.

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'Zombiekins' by Kevin Bolger

Strange things happen when this creepy-cute toy gets exposed to moonlight in the Zombiekins novel and who better to help solve the mystery than your talented little reader?

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'The Inn Between' by Marina Cohen

Perfect for the mini-sleuth, Marina Cohen's The Inn Between will take the young reader on a journey to solving the mystery of the missing.

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'Dare To Be Scared' by Robert D. San Souci

A compilation of short stories, Dare to Be Scared will have both you and your young reader looking over your shoulders checking for thrilling surprises.

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