9 'Hunger Games' Baby Names For Your Future Mockingjay

by Kelly Anne Bonner

Even though it chronicles a dystopian future in which children must battle to the death, it actually makes sense to look for baby names inspired by the Hunger Games. Let me explain. It works because the characters in it are so strong and memorable, which would leave a lasting legacy for your kid. And not only that, but there hasn’t been an abundance of fresh, unusual, and desirable fictional names to work off since Harry Potter. Suzanne Collins certainly went the extra mile when selecting names in her epic trilogy, giving characters both unique titles and embedding name origins with deep meaning within the story. For example, characters from the poorest districts tend to be named after the earth, while those from the capital have names that harken back to Roman times. But each individual name goes much further than that, too.

You couldn’t do much better than the Hunger Games when seeking out a unique inspiration for baby names. While other popular series may have a few interesting ideas to work with, this trilogy wins out just because of the sheer abundance of original and innovative names if has to choose from. While you’re still wondering what the gender might be, take a look at this list of names from both genders that are up for grabs for your baby and start imagining the Hunger Games-inspired possibilities.



Of course readers remember Katniss as the 16-year-old female half of the tributes from District 12, who volunteers to take the place of her sister in the games. But it is mentioned in the book that she is named after the katniss plant, which has nourishing roots.



Katniss's best friend isn't present for the most of the first two books, but you can still feel is presence in Katniss's strength. Meaning very strong wind, Gale would be a great choice for a girl or boy.



The name of the male tribute from District 12 who is in love with Katniss sounds similar to pita, as he comes from a family of bread bakers. He's a little soft, but willing to do anything for Katniss.



Of Greek origin, Effie means pleasant speech, which is the perfect descriptor for the tribute's charperone. Not to mention



The tribute from District 11 who suffers a brutal fate in the games has a fitting name, meaning bitter regret, which comes from a derivation of the old Germanic word for remorse. As a noun, her name can mean compassion or pity, which are also apt for this tragic character.



Though he's quite troubled, Haymitch is a supportive figure in an otherwise risky, untrustworthy world. The moniker also has a down-to-earth quality that would be ideal for a boy.



Primrose, like her older sister Katniss, is named after a flower that was historically used in herbal medicine as a sedative. But the name is means more than medicine. Primrose was favored by English poets such as Shakespeare in verses to describe beauty in womanhood. What better way to describe your future daughter?



Cato is very much a warrior in the games, and the strong staccato of his name definitely shows this quality. As such, a boy or girl could take on the powerful, assertive qualities in this moniker.



Finnick is an Old Anglo-Saxon place name meaning "marshland farm," but it also draws associations with the word his sly, finicky nature. As a Hunger Games winner himself, it's a name that can be associated with the clever qualities needed in someone who overcomes the twists and turns in the complicated tournament.

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