9 Signs You & Your Partner Would Be Better Off As Friends

When a relationship is new, the lines between friendship and romance can get blurry. In the beginning, you may have thought your partner was the one you'd grow old with. But now that you've had a chance to spend more time together, you may have discovered that they'd be better off as your ride or die than your 'til death do us part. If you've noticed that something is a little off in the romance department, then you may want to consider some of the interesting signs you and your partner would be better off as friends.

Yes, friends can make some of the best partners in love. As Psychology Today pointed out, intimacy, respect, and even attraction are important qualities in successful friendships and romantic relationships alike. Your partner may be the first person you want to share good news and juicy secrets with. There are other important aspects of the relationship, however, that need to be in place if you want to consider yourselves a legit item.

Although every case is different, it's important to be honest with yourself and your partner about where you see things going to avoid hurt feelings and bad blood. The good news is that both friendships and romances can end up being life-long relationships. Not sure which side of the fence you and your SO fall on? Here are some signs you two should stick to the friend zone.


The Chemistry Isn't There

You may not have a lot of time to have sex, especially if you have children. But when you do get to get busy, you shouldn't be thinking about your dirty laundry the entire time. As Redbook pointed out, a lack of interest in sex is sign that you and your partner should just be friends.


You're Constantly Checking Other People Out

Being attracted to other people when you're in a relationship is totally natural. But if a celebrity crush or your hot new next door neighbor does more to get you going than your partner, it could mean that your relationship is more platonic than romantic.


Date Nights Always Involve A Group

It can be fun for you and your partner to include a group of friends when you go out, but you should be able to have just as much fun alone. If you can't enjoy yourself without an entourage, you may be missing the spark your romance needs to survive, according to Redbook.


Things Have Become Mundane

It's true that an adult relationship involves a lot of mundane stuff like paying bills and washing dishes. But you should also be able to be silly, sweet, and even disgustingly mushy with your significant other. If all of your conversations revolve around household responsibilities, Your Tango noted that it's possible that bae is more of a BFF.


You Don't Have Pet Names

You may not be a huge fan of cutesy nicknames and mushy talk in your relationship. If we're being completely honest, I'm not either. But you should have some terms of endearment that you share with one another. If you don't have pet names or exchange any kind of sweet words with one another, it may be a sign that the two of you are better off as friends, according to Beauty and Tips.


Sexual Advances Are Overlooked

Do your partner's love taps turn you on or turn your stomach? It's one thing to not be in the mood, but if you're constantly avoiding your partner's sexual advances, it's possible that you're just not into them.


You Look Forward To Alone Time

One of the best things about a romantic relationship is the companionship. As Psychology Today noted, when one person wants to give their time and attention and the other would prefer to be alone, it could mean that something is off in the romance department.


You Don't Make An Effort

It's easy to get comfortable in your relationship, particularly if you've been together for a while. At the same time, you should want to put some effort into your appearance every now and then to keep things fresh. No one should expect you to walk around in stilettos all of the time, but you shouldn't make sweatpants your daily uniform — unless you're a gym teacher.


You Can't See The Future

Shared views on religion, gender roles, and finances are important qualities of successful long-term romantic relationships, as Psychology Today mentioned. If you can't find some common ground on these often controversial topics, you probably won't be celebrating many anniversaries together.