9 Kissing Mistakes You're Making (And How To Fix Them)

When you were a teenager, chances are you spent a good deal of time thinking about (and perhaps even practicing) your kissing techniques. But once you’re a few years into adulthood, it’s easy to just let autopilot take over whenever it’s time to lock lips. Taking a few moments to get back to the fundamentals of smooching just might reignite your relationship. By becoming aware of the kissing mistakes you’re making (and how to fix them), you and your SO can get closer than ever. If nothing else, you’ll have a blast practicing new techniques.

Of course “mistake” might be too harsh of a term. If either you or your partner prefer super fast, sloppy kisses, then go for it! This list can serve as a jumping-off point for other techniques you might enjoy trying out. There’s no harm in trying something different, right? You just might find your new favorite kissing technique.

By reviewing what you and your partner really enjoy in kissing, you can make your relationship that much stronger. After all, kissing is just a form of communication without words. So you and your SO can have a lot of fun learning the best ways to meet one another’s needs.


You Do Too Much Too Fast

You may want to smash lips with your partner from the get-go, but sometimes a little restraint is sexy. According to Glamour, a soft kiss that gradually builds in intensity is very hot indeed. By the time you get to the "furious make out session" phase, you will both be in sync and in the mood.


Your Breath Is Less Than Fresh

Sure, sometimes you get caught up in the moment with no time for a toothbrushing break. But in general it's never a bad idea to keep things fresh. As explained in Marie Claire, you can keep gum or mints on hand (and share them with your date) to make your kisses sweet. It's a simple trick that can make all the difference.

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You Don't Talk About It

Communication is key, and that applies to you and your partner's kissing techniques. As suggested in WebMD, discussing your kissing preferences with your partner can help you both stay satisfied. It doesn't have to be a serious or critical conversation — in fact, a playful tone is probably best — and the open discussion will likely bring you closer.


You Have Saliva Overload

It's OK if things get a little messy. But as explained on Positive Med, too much saliva running down your partner's face can be a turn-off. Try to keep it in check.


You Have A Stabby Tongue

French kissing should be languid and sensual. So if you're stabbing away with your tongue, as noted in LA Weekly, a different approach might be a good idea. Try to relax a bit and go with the flow.


You Use A Lot Of Lip Product

A heavily lacquered look can be great for selfies, but smearing lip product all over your partner might not be the sexiest idea. According to the Huffington Post, a thin layer of flavored lip balm or gloss is all you need to keep your lips smooth and sexy. You can save the bolder lip looks for another occasion.

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You're Holding Back

Don't be shy, especially if you're a woman in a het relationship. As explained in Time, many men enjoy it when women initiate kisses and take on a more active, aggressive role in the smooching process. Don't hold back.


You're Unresponsive

Kissing is a form of communication, and both you and your partner need to be engaged. According to MSN, showing you're into the kiss is crucial. It's give and take.


You Do The Same Thing Every Time

Mixing things up is always a good idea. As explained in Glamour, alternating between closed mouth and French kissing, as well as fast and slow moves, is one way to keep things interesting. Being unpredictable is a great thing in this case.

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