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9 Lactation Smoothies To Get Your Milk Flowing
by Yvette Manes
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Recently, I discovered that nursing moms who are struggling with breastfeeding have started drinking lactation smoothies and shakes to boost their milk supply. Where was this magic when I was struggling to make enough milk for my babies? Seriously, I am addicted to smoothies. I can't drive by a smoothie shop without stopping in to grab a giant cup, so thick and cold that my teeth hurt and my tongue gets numb. How some people feel about their daily latte is how I feel about my strawberry and banana smoothie with granola, Greek yogurt, and occasionally, chia seeds — because I'm dangerous like that.

So it's pretty amazing that there are some smoothie-friendly ingredients known to help promote the production of breast milk. “Increasing breast milk supply for those who choose to breastfeed can be challenging and frustrating, but we do know that certain things can help,” Dr. Abigail Cutler, M.D., MPH, an OB-GYN at Yale New Haven Hospital tells Romper. “The best foods that can help increase breast milk supply are known as galactogogues, which are powerful food sources that consist of drinks, medications, foods, or herbs, all of which help many mothers' bodies to respond by making more milk,” Liza Janda, a certified lactation education counselor, tells Romper. “Steel cut oatmeal, dark leafy greens, fennel, nuts and seeds, chickpeas, ginger, and garlic, can all help in breast milk production.” Spinach and flax contain phytoestrogens, which is thought to promote lactation as well, Healthline reported.

Combining milk-boosting foods into a smoothie is a quick way for a busy nursing mother to get all of the nutrients she needs, but remember, there's more to milk-making than sucking down the occasional shake. “Most important is staying well hydrated, getting as much rest as possible, and draining your breasts frequently, either by direct nursing or with a breast pump," says. Dr. Cutler.

Of course, smoothies are a great way to stay hydrated, too. It's fun to mix and match ingredients and try to come up with some tasty supply-boosting smoothies. But, if you don't have the time to experiment, these bloggers and YouTubers have perfected nine unique and delicious lactation smoothie recipes to help make breastfeeding a breeze.


Banana Chai Spiced Lactation Smoothie

I'm a huge fan of chai lattes and thanks to Oat Mama, there is a banana chai spiced lactation smoothie recipe that brings the chai flavor into the summer. As an added bonus, the recipe includes fenugreek that can help increase the milk supply of nursing mamas. With almond milk and rolled oats, this smoothie is almost like a meal. For some sweetness, you can add in 1-2 teaspoons of pure maple syrup.


Green Monkey Lactation Smoothie

Breastfeeding moms need energy, and Bloom and Nourish's green monkey lactation smoothie recipe combines phytoestrogens for milk-making and essential fatty acids for energy into a delicious drink. Plus, the two cups of spinach in this smoothie helps in making healthy breast tissue and promotes lactation.


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Lactation Smoothie

If you’re looking for a smoothie that’s good for nursing and that your older kiddo might want to drink, too, look no further than this easy lactation smoothie from GlowBodyPT. A frozen peeled banana gives the smoothie a cold, creamy consistency, while kale, spinach, and ground flaxseed give a milk-producing boost. Almond butter, vanilla, and milk make the smoothie go down more smoothly.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Lactation Smoothie

Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie? Yes, please! Lindsey from Raising Baby Hayden shares her recipe for a sensational smoothie for breastfeeding moms. In addition to the yummy ingredients, you’ll find supply boosters such as ground flaxseed, oats, coconut milk, and brewers yeast.


Yummy Fruit Smoothie for Breastfeeding Moms

The Jessie K added brewer's yeast into her healthy smoothie recipe for breastfeeding moms to stimulate milk production. Her secret for making this smoothie thick? Use a frozen banana instead of ice. Chia seeds offer additional antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Add in peanut butter, oats, Greek yogurt, and berries, and you have a smoothie that is part dessert—and all healthy.


BebeJadore Lactation Smoothie

In her YouTube video, BebeJadore makes a lactation smoothie that will help women produce more breastmilk. It includes banana, Silk almond milk, Quaker oats, brewers yeast, flaxseeds, and chia seeds for a healthy smoothie that’s good for both mom and baby. She shares that when she notices a dip in her supply, she makes this smoothie and it helps a lot.


Boobie Smoothie

Whether you’re looking to make a big batch of Davon Thomas’ Boobie Smoothie or just a good ol’ glass, you can find recipes for both on her YouTube channel. The recipe calls for kid-friendly faves like peanut butter, oats, and chocolate milk. Ice and flaxseed help the Boobie Smoothie be even more bountiful.


Milk Boosting Lactation Smoothie

Diary of a First Time Mom's milk boosting lactation smoothie recipeincludes my two favorite smoothie ingredients, strawberries and bananas along with the milk-stimulating brewer's yeast, steel-cut oats and flaxseed. Almond milk also helps to boost milk production, and bananas offer a whole host of nutrients, like vitamin C and potassium, and give you added energy to boot. Excuse me while I make one right now.


Lactation Boosting Smoothie

You might want to start your morning off with this lactation boosting smoothie from WhatsUpKristie. Berries, kale, and spinach are married with peanut butter, banana, chocolate milk, and steel cut oats. Flaxseed helps your boobies produce more milk and ultimately make breastfeeding a better bonding experience for you and your baby.


Dr. Abigail Cutler, M.D., MPH, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital

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