9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women Who Need A Little Extra Inspiration


If you're one of the lucky few who gets to experience Halloween as a mom-to-be, then you're probably in either one of two camps. You're either overly enthusiastic and have been meticulously planning this year's costume since the moment you found out you'd be sporting a bump this Oct. 31, or you've waited until the week before Halloween and are racking your pregnancy-brain for circular shaped costumes to dress your bump up as this year. If you're in the latter group, some inspiration for last-minute Halloween costumes for pregnant women will definitely come in handy.

If you're far enough along in your pregnancy to dress up your bump, chances are you have a lot of other things on your mind besides pulling off the perfect Halloween costume. Luckily, these costumes are all DIY, clever, and can likely be made with maternity items and craft supplies you already have lying around the house — just in case you don't have time for a Halloween specific shopping spree.

Some of them can be easily coordinated with other members of your family or your significant other to create the perfect family or couple's costume (like the chef for the bun in the oven).

Whichever route you choose, these costumes will completely hide the fact that you waited till the last minute to put your costume together.

1Where's Waldo


Red and White Striped Shirt, $10, Motherhood | Black Leggings, $13, H&M | Red and White Hat, $8, Walmart | Glasses, $9, Amazon

In this costume, turning your baby bump into a mini Waldo is the perfect way to include your baby-to-be. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, some black leggings, a red and white hat and some glasses. To top it all off, print off a tiny Waldo face and tape it to your belly.

2Sunny Side Up Egg


White Maternity Tee, $17, Amazon | White Leggings, $25, Amazon

Another simple costume that's equally hilarious as it is easy to throw together. All you'll need is a white maternity tee, some white leggings or pants, a frying pan and spatula, and a yellow fabric marker to turn your belly into the sunny side up portion of the egg.

3An M&M


Colorful T-Shirt Shirt, $5, Walmart | Black Pants, $13, H&M

This one is especially simple, all you need is a shirt in your preferred M&M color, some black pants, and the letter "M" to tape across your belly. Done and done.

4A Pumpkin


Orange Tee, $10, Amazon | Orange Leggings, $10, Amazon

A classic costume idea that you can't go wrong with is dressing like the mascot of Halloween itself: a pumpkin. Just grab an orange tee and some orange leggings and top it all off with a pumpkin basket and turn your belly into a jack-o-lantern with some simple felt shapes cut out and glued to your shirt.

5Bun In The Oven


This costume requires very minimal DIY skills, a box and a simple outfit. Just follow the directions from Brit & Co. and you're all set.

6An Eight Ball


Black T-Shirt, $10, Amazon | Black Leggings, $13, H&M | Black Hats, $10, Amazon

It doesn't get much simpler than the magic eight ball costume. Simply dress up in all black — black tee, black leggings, black hat. And draw or tape a white number eight on your belly. Or take it one step further and tape a prediction on your back. What will your belly predict?



Use this tutorial from Studio DIY to turn yourself into the cutest pregnant strawberry ever.

8A Gumball Machine


White T-Shirt, $17, Amazon | Red Leggings, $7, Amazon | Red Beanie, $6, Walmart

With a white tee, some red leggings or skirt (if you're feeling fancy), a red beanie and a million tiny colorful craft balls and a hot glue gun, you can bet you'll be the cutest gumball machine at the party.

9Angry Birds


Red T-Shirt, $19, Amazon | Black Leggings, $13, H&M

Perfect for fans of the "Angry Birds" movie, or for dressing your whole family up like angry birds — all you need is a red tee (or the color of your choice), black leggings, and assorted felt to cut into eyebrows, eyes, and a beak. Hot glue the face to your belly and you're good to go!