9 Last-Minute Holiday Hacks To Fix Your #ChristmasFails Before Santa Comes

Like it or not, Christmas is often a bumpy ride. From the making of the cookies to hanging the lights to wrapping those gifts at the last minute, there are many pitfalls that can occur before the big day. This is why you need genius last-minute holiday hacks to save yourself from Christmas fails, if only because you'll be so frazzled from putting the whole production together that one mishap can seem unsolvable. In the time it takes to hang the ornaments up to once the kids get to sleep post-cookie baking and writing letters to Santa, one—if not several—total fails will probably go down, and it'll be up to you to make sure it's solved before moving on to the next thing. And with a few clever hacks up your sleeve, there's no doubt you won't be able to.

Even a single disaster can feel like it'll set you back the rest of the (busy, busy) evening. But you shouldn't let any of them derail you, as not only are they easily addressable, but you could also totally ruin the Christmas spirit by letting any of them get you down. So feel as giddy as the kids jumping up and down from the holiday sugar rush just knowing that in spite of any mishap that comes your way the night before the big day, you'll know exactly what to do while, er, waiting for that guy in the red suit.


Ornaments Keep Falling Off The Tree and Breaking

Isn't this just the worst? Pad the area below the tree by wrapping a blanket around the base to give them a softer landing.


The Christmas Light Cords Keep Tangling

With so many lights hooked up to the same power strip, it's bound to happen. String each separate light cord through binder clips, or grab a cord separator to keep tangled lights apart.


The Stockings Keep Falling Off The Mantel

The stockings are so full, they can't stay up. Instead of simple putting them back on the faulty hook, pull a string through the loop on the stocking and tie it around something heavy on the mantel.


You Don't Have Time To Make Hot Chocolate

Never fear—the kids will get their Christmas hot chocolate yet. Make a batch of Something Swanky's crockpot hot chocolate before getting to your gift duties, and you can easily set it and forget it until the time arrives.


You Can’t Find the Cookie Cutters

You know you put them somewhere, but in the midst of all the Christmas decoration unpacking you just can't find them. Use this hack to make a few on the spot at home: roll a few sheets of aluminum foil into a thick strip, then bend it into the shape you wish it to be. Use a piece of tape to bring the ends together and voilà: Christmas cookies are saved.


A Bunch Of Christmas Cookies Broke

Save yourself from having to make a second batch by breaking out the frosting. Use a butter knife to spread it on the broken parts and stick them back together, good as new.


You Ran Out Of Icing

Make a new batch quickly from scratch by whisking together a softened stick of butter with three cups of powdered sugar and adding a teaspoon of vanilla to top it off.


The Wrapping Paper Keeps Getting Crinkled When Jammed in Your Closet

Crinkly wrapping paper is sad wrapping paper. Prevent this from happening by getting a mini trash can to store your rolls upright and leaning against a wall.


You Ran Out Of Wrapping Paper

Ah, the other worst thing that can happen the night before Christmas! Save the surprise by cutting up brown paper bags from the grocery store and adding some stamps or stickers for a bit of zing.

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