9 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts For Mom

Mother's Day is less than a week away — OK, days away. If you're a chronic procrastinator like me, then you're likely on the hunt for some stellar last-minute Mother's Day gifts for mom. Don't worry — there is still time to pull off the whole "I'm your thoughtful adult child" act.

Granted, you could always hurry to the local florist, but I shudder at the thought of ordering flowers this late. Who knows what the markup would be? You could also go to a mall, but the idea of pushing through crowds and leafing through racks leaves me uninspired. Not to mention, these types of items show a lack of thought and sentimentality. And your mom deserves better than that.

This is where technology comes to the rescue. If you have Amazon Prime, for instance, then make that two-day shipping work in your favor. There are still tons of gifts you can ship to mom in no time, from kitschy accessories to trendy skincare products. Subscription boxes are also another fine option, because your gift isn't technically late, it's just going to arrive at a later date. Whatever you do, don't panic. There are plenty of options out there, including some of the options below.


For The Gardening Mom

The urban organic gardener subscription box ($15+) curates and ships seeds and supplies tailored to your particular climate and season. It's an easy way to give your mom the gift of greenery, but goes beyond the typical plant gift.


For The Quirky Mom

Is your mom a fan of kitsch? The Vera Bradley citrus slice bag charm ($48) is a perfect bit of decoration for the upcoming summer months. It's on Prime if you act fast.


For The Chill Mom

Everyone loves a little pampering. Check out your local spa's website, because sometimes you can buy gift cards online. The Woodhouse day spa ($25+), for instance, offers gift cards you can email immediately.


For The Mom Who Loves Skincare

Face masks are having a moment, so why not help your mom get in on the trend? The TONYMOLY I'm real mask ($15) comes with 11 different varieties, from avocado to red wine. Plus, the packaging is beyond adorable.


For The Musical Mom

Is you mom still dealing with annoying music services that require updates every five minutes? Treat her to the gift of streaming. A Spotify premium gift card ($10+) provides hours of ad-free, play-anything music. She can discover new favorite artists, and reunite with old favorites, in no time.


For The Mom With Unique Taste

Now this is adorable. Brussel's satsuki azalea outdoor bonsai tree ($30) is a unique and beautiful gift. The tiny mini-azalea is sure to delight.


For The Wellness Mom

Does your mom love all things green and healthy? The Wellness Tribe subscription box ($40+) offers up a bevy of natural snacks, skincare, and healthy lifestyle products every month. Oh, and there's a monthly theme as well.


For The Science-y Mom

If your mom is a fan of science and puns, then this is the gift for her. The DNA biology coffee mug ($14) serves up a little high-brow humor. Clearly, your good sense of humor was genetic.


For The Spicy Mom

Culinary moms will love this. The Spice Madam subscription box ($20+) ships global spices and recipes each month. It's a great way to stay inspired and experiment with new recipes.