9 Last-Minute Pokemon Go Costumes For Kids Who Want To Catch Them All

Halloween is the time of the year when children get to become anything they've dreamed of being. Whether it be a fairy princess or a friendly ghost, Halloween is a great time for children to be able to get in touch with their creative sides. Since this time of year is supreme for the aforementioned, children can get the opportunity to become the characters from their favorite games, too. Because of that, you can only expect some Pokémon Go-inspired costumes in there. Since time is dwindling down to the big day, having last-minute Pokemon Go costumes for kids to pull from will surely be what you need.

When Pokémon Go came out this past summer, everyone became a fan of the timeless characters once again. Pulling your child's costume from the 200+ character options means that they can literally be anything they want this year. It also means that you can give them an opportunity to use their imagination more than before with putting their own touch on their costume. Sure buying a Pokémon costume is cool, but being able to put it together yourself is even cooler. Not only for you kid that's wearing it, but for you as a parent, too.

If you need a little creativity spark, these nine costume ideas could possibly help.



Dressing as Eevee is easier than you think. All you'll need for your little one is a pair of brown pants ($27), a brown long sleeve shirt ($8), brown shoes ($25), a fluffy white boa ($6), and an Eevee ears and tail set ($13).



If pants are the option of choice, you can create this Pikachu DIY costume with ease. Pair some yellow pants ($20) together with a yellow t-shirt ($6), and top it off with your set of Pikachu ears and tail ($14). Don't forget the red face paint ($7) for the cheeks.



If pants are not your child's style, you can recreate this look with a yellow tutu ($10), yellow tank top ($4), and black tights ($4) instead. And, be sure to add the red face paint ($7) for the cheeks.



Turn your kiddie into the greatest Pokémon trainer this year with this DIY Pokémon Go trainer costume. You'll need burgundy shorts ($8), a burgundy zip hoodie ($12), black leggings ($5), a white tank top ($4), and burgundy and white trucker hat ($5). To complete the look, add an orange belt ($5), black fingerless gloves ($5), a black backpack ($10), and a black choker ($9).



This DIY Charmander costume is a great one to have your child DIY this Halloween. Grab an orange tutu ($10), yellow tank top ($4), an orange zip hoodie ($20), and a Charmander hat and tail set ($20).



Turn into Jigglypuff , with this pink sweater ($7), and some black ($3), white ($4), and blue ($4) fabric paint. If you'd like, throw on a pink tutu ($6) to go all pink.



Looking for an simple and quick Squirtle DIY costume. Get a turquoise tutu ($11), a soft yellow or beige tank top ($3), a turquoise sweater ($20), brown backpack ($10), and a Squirtle beanie ($11).



Niantic, Inc.

Help your little one transform into the fan favorite team leader Candela this Halloween with this cute DIY costume. Get a red dress ($15), white peacoat ($30), and black stockings ($3) to make this happen.


Professor Willow

Niantic, Inc.

To nail this look, just get a white lab coat ($5), green cargo pants ($55), a green and black jacket ($45), and a white wig ($10).