9 Lawn Games For Your Fourth Of July Party

Is there any holiday more synonymous with backyard parties than the 4th of July? Images of kids running around in bathing suits, ice-filled coolers, a BBQ smoking, and sparklers drawing names in the sky–all come to mind, at this time of year. If you're the one hosting, what you need to complete this scene is a number of lawn games for your Fourth of July party.

If you're the Pinterest type, I commend you, and offer you several DIY options in this list which will end up looking absolutely amazing. I have friends in my life who would make these types of games from scratch, for sure, and I am jealous of their craftiness. For the rest of you, there are a bunch of lawn games here that you can just buy and play. (Don't worry, I won't judge.)

Some of these games are total classics that you might have grown up playing, but there are some new games here as well, or at least new to the general populace. Regardless of what you end up choosing, just remember: a party isn't a party without some games, and if you can balance out the sporty ones with some good old-fashioned types where the possibility of embarrassment is high, then really, your 4th of July party may be the best one yet.

To keep your festivities fun and fresh, here are nine lawn games for your Fourth of July party.


DIY Yard Jenga Game

Who doesn't love playing a goof game of Jenga? Guest blogger Paige, on Creative Green Living, takes you through the whole DIY process of making a giant version of Jenga, which you can then enjoy on the 4th of July.


DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

I'm not going to lie, matching game cards are pretty annoying to keep track of, when they're tiny. This super-sized DIY Lawn Matching game, from Studio DIY, though? So much fun.



OK, I hadn't heard of Kubb ($50) before I started researching for this post, but after watching this video, it looks pretty fun. A little bit complex, but once you get the hang of it, a great game for older kids and adults.


Ring Toss


The classic ring toss ($20) is a game the whole family can play together, regardless of age. And really, can you get any more Fourth of July than the ring toss? I don't think so.



Spikeball ($75) is meant to be similar to volleyball, but instead of getting the (smaller) ball over the net, you get to do the part that's the most fun in volleyball: spike the ball down. Without a normal net, the players don't have "sides," so the game is played in the round.




I will never get tired of playing Prokadima ($15), and I seriously can't wait to teach my kids how to play, once they're old enough. You can basically play it anywhere, too, because the balls float.


Jumbo Checkers


For those who want a more cerebral challenge to their outdoor games, this jumbo checker rug game ($20) will allow you to be more social at the same time.


Jarts Lawn Darts

Horseshoes are so last year. Jarts lawn darts ($23) combine the aim necessary for horseshoes and darts, but takes away those sharp points that make it an adults-only game.


Cornhole Bean Bag Toss


The perfect patriotic game for your 4th of July party, the CornHole bean bag toss game ($100) will not only amuse the kids, it will add just the right amount of Americana.