9 Lazy Halloween Costumes For Babies That Are Super Easy To DIY

Your baby’s first Halloween is arguably the best holiday of their first year, second only to their birthday. They are as cute as ever, and the perfect unsuspecting subjects of just about any costume you want to try (they don’t start having opinions on the matter until at least 2 years old). The problem is that, unfortunately, Halloween costumes usually take a lot of thought and effort to create. And, if you’re like most moms, having more than an hour or two to dedicate to your baby’s costume is a rarity. And so, lazy halloween costumes for babies are the best alternative.

Luckily, your baby won’t be able to tell the difference and they’ll still look just as cute as they would in a costume you spent months designing or dropped an ungodly amount of money on. Since they’ll only wear said costume once, spending minimal effort and money on it is perfectly acceptable and shouldn’t make you feel like a lazy mom (even if the costume itself is a bit, well, lazy).

Instead of shelling out too much money or spending too much time on a costume that your baby will only wear once, spend your time enjoying their first Halloween. Besides, these “lazy” ideas are just as cute and unique as anything you’d find in a store.


Charlie Brown And Snoopy

Onesie, $5, Walmart | Black Pants, $10, Old Navy | Snoopy Toy, $17, Bed Bath and Beyond

Classic and endlessly cute, dressing your baby as Charlie Brown can’t get any simpler. All you need is a yellow tee or onesie, a black sharpie to draw the zig zag design, black pants, and a snoopy plush toy. Bonus points if you have a real beagle to take as Snoopy, but a stuffed version will suffice too.


A Pumpkin, Of Course

Orange Onesie, $6, Oshkosh B'Gosh | Orange Hat, $8, Etsy | Jack-O-Lantern Onesie, $12, Kohls

It may be overly simple, but dressing your baby as a pumpkin is probably the easiest costume you could create. All you need is an orange onesie and an orange hat. Bonus points if the onesie already has a jack-o-lantern face on it. Otherwise, cut out triangles out of felt and glue them on.


Kitten Or Rabbit

Kitten Ears, $14, Amazon | Bunny Ears, $10, Amazon | Onesie, $4, Walmart

Kitten and bunny ears can be found at almost every store this time of year. Pair the ears with a black or neutral onesie and maybe a tail. Draw whiskers for a kitten or rosy cheeks for a bunny with make up. Done and done.



Camo Crew Neck, $5, Old Navy | Black Pants, $10, Old Navy

Simple but inspiring, dressing your baby in a camouflage onesie or tee with black pants is as simple as it gets. Add a beanie and maybe even some some (non-toxic) camo face paint and your little soldier is ready for their first Halloween.


Princess Leia

For Star Wars fans, dressing up their little one like Princess Leia is the epitome of cute. Luckily, the look is fairly simple to achieve. All you need is a white onesie or dress and some brown yarn to create the baby wig, using this tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me. You can also use brown pantyhose to achieve a similar look.


Little Miss (Or Mister) Sunshine

Shirt, $3, Shirt Space | Pants, $7, Toys R Us | Sunglasses, $9, Carters

Get a yellow shirt and pants and some baby sized sunnies and your little one will be the brightest ball of sunshine on the block.


'80s Aerobics Instructor

Onesie, $4, Jiffy Shirts | Pants, $8, H&M | Headband, $5, Etsy

A tiny aerobics instructor is as hilarious as it is simple to create. All you need are brightly colored and contrasting colors for a onesie and pants, (with the pants underneath the onesie, of course). From there, create leg warmers by cutting a pair of tights at the feet and thighs. Add a headband, and boombox and you’re all set.


A Burrito

Blanket, $10, Amazon | Hat, $13 for two, Amazon

Hear me out, because this is maybe the simplest costume of the bunch. It's especially great great for a swaddled newborn. Swaddle that little bundle up in a tan (tortilla colored, of course) receiving blanket, and top your burrito baby with matching baby hat. Add some green felt around the top for lettuce, and maybe some felt tomatoes for good measure, and your baby will be cute enough to eat.


A Mini Mummy

White Onesie, $15, Old Navy

Dress your baby in all white, then wrap them up in scraps of white fabric. Viola. The perfect lazy, holiday appropriate, look for your little monster.