9 Lazy Halloween Costumes For Couples Who Want To Look Amazing With Zero Effort

Deciding on a couple's costume for Halloween is twice the fun, but also double the prep work. If you don't have the desire to plan out elaborate costumes, you can still take the easy route and create some fantastic looks. These lazy Halloween costumes for couples are the perfect combination of low effort and maximum awesomeness.

If it feels like you and your partner have more Halloween activities going on than ever before, you're right. Nearly half of adults dress up for Halloween now, and adults tend to spend more on their own costumes than those for kids, according to the website for Time. Halloween has become a great outlet for grown-ups who need to let their id out a few times a year.

Of course, some talented people take Halloween celebrations to the next level with creations that would impress professional costume designers. But if you're not ready to make a working Iron Man suit from scratch, it's cool. There's still a lot of eye-catching, clever costumes that don't take a ton of time and effort to assemble. Some might call for a few items from your local costume shop, while others can be assembled with stuff from your own closet. Your low-key Halloween couple's costume can still look amazing.


Wrestlers From 'GLOW'

Red Wrestling Singlet, $33, Amazon; High Cut Metallic Bodysuit, $11, Amazon; Leopard Print Leggings, $10, Amazon; Black Fishnet Tights, $6, Amazon; 80's Crimp Wig, $12, Amazon; Rockin Diva Wig, $13, Amazon

Doesn't everyone want to be a fabulous wrestler from the 1980s? This is your chance. Start with a wrestling singlet or high cut metallic bodysuit. Throw on some leopard print leggings or black fishnet tights. Add an 80s crimp wig or a rockin diva wig and prepare for battle.


Fisherman and The Big Catch

Yellow Rain Coat, $36, Amazon; Bright Rain Boots, $24, Amazon; Toy Fishing Pole, $3, Amazon; Orange Goldfish Costume, $35, Amazon; Fish Scale Leggings, $10, Amazon

Are you the ultimate catch? Prove it with this costume duo. One person has a commercial rain gear coat, bright rain boots, and a toy fishing pole. The other person wears a bright orange goldfish costume and some shiny fish scale leggings.


Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly Set Costume, $23, Amazon; Peanut Butter and jelly Necklace Set, $13, Etsy

Want to just buy a costume and be on your way? Excellent. The peanut butter and jelly set costume is adorable and easy. Add a peanut butter and jelly necklace set to sweeten your look a little more.



Emoticon Heart Eyes Costume, $22, Amazon; Emoji Wink Costume, $25, Amazon; Emoji Stretch Leggings, $11, Amazon; Emoji Pajama Pants, $16, Amazon

Emojis are replacing language anyway, so you might as well embrace them. One partner wears an emoticon heart eyes costume, and the other one can rock the emoji wink costume. Accessorize with some emoji stretch leggings or emoji pajama pants. Brace yourself for the eggplant jokes.


Astronaut & Space

Galaxy Skater Dress, $14, Amazon; Rhinestone Stars Headband, $26, Amazon; Toy Space Helmet, $18, Amazon

Why not look to the skies for costume inspiration? One partner wears a galaxy skater dress and rhinestone stars headband. The other person rocks a full body astronaut costume and toy space helmet. Get ready for blastoff.


Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow from 'Game of Thrones'

Long Blonde Wig, $20, Amazon; Dress with Cloak, $40, Amazon; Targaryen Silver Pendant, $5, Amazon; Medieval Cape, $38, Amazon; Curly Black Wig, $21, Amazon; Long Costume Sword, $21, Amazon

Sure, Dany and Drogo costumes have been Halloween mainstays for a while. But this year, it's all about that sweet fire and ice. Granted, this costume could get elaborate (and expensive) easily, but there's still a way to keep everything low-key. For the Mother of Dragons, get a dress with cloak, long blonde wig, and Targaryen silver pendant. For Jon, a big medieval cape, curly black wig, and a long costume sword will be perfect.


Doctor & Operation Patient

Doctor Scrub Set Costume, $22, Amazon; Operation Cavity Sam Suit, $43, Amazon

There are so many ways to approach this duo. To keep it easy, have one person wear a doctor scrub set costume, while the other rocks an operation cavity sam suit. I mean, you could always go for the whole sexy nurse look, but this is so much more unexpected.


Fashion Victims

Pink Chiffon Bridemaids Dress, $55, Amazon; Unisex Crocs Clogs, $36, Amazon; Graphic Printed Romper, $36, Amazon; Socks and Sandals, $12, Amazon

If you can't be bothered to buy anything new for a costume (I feel you), then shop your closet. Pull whatever random stuff you can find and pair it together — the more mismatched the better. Maybe you pair a chiffon bridesmaid dress with unisex Crocs clogs. Your partner can wear a graphic printed romper with socks and sandals. The potential for terrible outfits is tremendous.


Cupcake & Chef

Adult Chef Costume, $30 Amazon; Cupcake Costume, $32, Amazon; Cupcake Slip-on-Shoes, $22, Amazon

This is a great set for anyone who loves to bake. One partner wears the adult chef costume. The other one dons this fun cupcake costume, and wears some cupcake slip-on shoes. You'll have the sweetest costumes around.

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