9 Lazy Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women Who Don't Feel Like Painting Their Bump

Being pregnant on Halloween can seem like the opposite of fun. You've got enough on your plate without worrying about dressing up and attending whatever pre-pregnancy Halloween festivities you're used to. Especially if there's drinking involved. But there's actually a hidden trove of amazing costume ideas that make your baby bump the center of costume attention. There are plenty of lazy Halloween costumes for pregnant women that are super simple to throw together, and likely utilize pieces of clothes you already have lying around. (And if you don't already have them, a quick trip to the craft or thrift store will solve it.)

Your bump will be your greatest accessory, not a setback, with these creative costume ideas. And luckily, since you probably don't have a lot of extra time or energy to spend creating a costume out of nothing, they're all deceptively simple to make — the "lazy" costume, if you will, since we all know there's nothing lazy about being pregnant.

Whether you stick with a classic costume idea with a pregnancy twist or opt for something unique with a sense of humor, working your bump into your costume is the perfect way to make baby's first official Halloween one for the books.


Miley's Wrecking Ball

No, we're not suggesting you arrive to your Halloween party naked, but we are suggesting that you transform your baby bump into the infamous wrecking ball. All you'll need is a black tee ($15) with the stomach cut out, a grey tee ($8) underneath, some black leggings ($13) and a barbie to swing on your chain necklace.


Winnie The Pooh

To DIY the cutest bear ever (who also happens to have a belly of his own), all you need is a mustard long sleeved shirt ($8), a red crop top or tee folded up ($16), and some black pants or leggings ($18). You can draw the word "Pooh" on the red shirt and carry around a jar that reads "hunny" to complete the look.


Eight Ball

The easiest costume ever — an eight ball is the perfect pregnancy costume. All you need is a black tee ($15) and some black leggings ($18). Tape a paper plate to your belly with a big "8" written on it and you're good to go.


Avocado And Its Pit

Dressing up as the only pregnant looking fruit is easy with a piece of cardboard cut to look like an avocado, some green paint and the middle cut out for your belly. All you'll need is a brown or dark green shirt ($19) and some black leggings ($13) to turn your bump into the pit.


An Emoji

Good Housekeeping has a number of emoji tutorials, simply transfer the emoji shape to your belly instead of your face and let your baby bump do the talking for you.


Fish Bowl

This costume is perfect for mamas who've always wanted to try belly painting but never had the occasion to do it. All you'll need is a black shirt ($14) (rolled up to expose your belly) and black pants ($13). Then, paint your belly blue and either paint or tape fish onto it.


A Beach Ball

For mama's in warmer weather who are ready to rock a swim suit, painting your belly like a beach ball and wearing a bikini on top ($15) and some leggings on the bottom ($12) if you wish, is the perfect way to rock your mama body.


Gum Ball Machine

This costume is simple to make and equally adorable. All you need is a red maternity shirt ($15), some leggings ($13), a red hat or beanie ($4) and lots of crafting fuzzy balls to glue to the belly of your shirt.


A Cat And Her Ball Of Yarn

Ditch the stereotypical sexy cat costume and adapt your own pregnant version all you'll need is a black shirt ($15), black pants ($13), some cat ears ($4), and some chunky yarn to wrap and glue around the shirt. Bonus points for using eyeliner to draw a nose and whiskers on.